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Here are seven things you can do right now to crush, dominate and win life!!

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I have seen the resolutions. Resolutions are nothing but wishes we hope will come true. At Bougie Black Girl we create goals, action plans and then we make them happen. Download my free goal sheets here. So here are seven things you can do right now to crush, dominate and win at life and have a kick ass 2015!

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Learn a foreign language. Our world is much more connected and a lot smaller. You have people in Detroit doing business in China. You have people in London talking to customers in France. You have people in Nigeria doing business in Germany. You have people in Jamaica doing business in Japan. If you want to grow your business, you must learn a different language. If you live in the states, it seems like almost every job you see requires you to be bilingual. If you are not bilingual, you will have a harder time finding a job. It once again feeds into my belief of a permanent African-American underclass (for tips on how to avoid it, click here and here) because many of us are not bilingual.   The new majority-minority is bilingual. They will benefit and African-Americans who are not bilingual won’t. So do yourself a favor. Put yourself at an advantage and learn another language. I am using Rosetta Stone because it is the best. Click the pictures above if you are interested in learning a foreign language. There are plenty of programs out there that can help you.

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Travel! It changes your life. It did when I was 20. I decided to hop on a Greyhound and travel the country for the heck of it. It gave me a chance to see how big and beautiful this country was. I had a lot of experiences on the way. I met new people. I saw people having relations on the bus. I kissed a boy and got called a race traitor by the two strangers who were having relations on the bus. That was funny, but I felt empowered simply because I left the city. I wouldn’t recommend someone being as crazy as I was and hopping the Greyhound, but there are safe ways to travel. Here are some great travel deals hereicon. If you are a United States citizen don’t forget to get your passport. Click here for more details.


Improve your health. We may not be in control of everything, but one thing we can control is how we treat our bodies. Let me tell you a story. As some of you know my husband, and I were in the service. After our obligation was complete, we decided to move to his home-town. Want the truth? I was miserable. I went from working out every day at 5:00am sharp to crying every single day regretting my decision. I had no friends here. My family was in New York, and I was alone. I was jobless, and co-dependent on my husband, raising two kids while he worked, and I felt like my husband’s family only tolerated me. Needless to say, I gained 40 pounds because I resorted to emotional eating. It took a picture at a convention for me to see that I had a weight problem. Honestly I didn’t know until I saw that picture. I was mortified. So I decided to lose weight, and I did it at home. I’ve never felt better. My favorite workout guy is Tony Horton. I am doing Tony Horton’s P90X3 Base Kit - DVD Workout which has proven results! Whether you are working out at home or in a gym. Do what is best for you just eat better and move.

businessStart a business. Start one today. Anyone can start a business. You just have to decide to do it. I remember when I did. My sister and I were talking about making extra money, and I told her why doesn’t she sell her high-end items, and she did. I was like if she could do it; I can. People were laughing at me at work when they first heard my idea, but when they saw me taking so many packages to the post office, they then asked me to sell their things and I did. If it wasn’t for me doing this after I was laid off I would not have had an income. The only one that can hire and fire you is you. You earn but what you put in. That includes finding the right products, selling them at the right price and offering high-quality customer service. Read more about how to start a business for free here.

Save money. After I was laid off, I lived off my sales and savings, and it saved my life. We were still able to take care of our family and not hurt their quality of life. That nest egg should help you prepare for an emergency and a goal you want to accomplish whether it is buying a house or a car. The Spending Tracker is a free app. Use it and start saving today!
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Change the way you think! It sounds easy, but it is not. As I said in my book, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny“, at 13 I was homeless. I was bullied at school, trying to find money for food, and we were dealing with a sick parent while my twin sister and I were trying to provide for my family. At that point, I had enough. I wanted to end it all. It wasn’t until I took the steps I took in my book that I decided I could change my life by simply changing the way I thought. You can too. If you want to change your life for less than a cup of coffee, check out my book “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny” for only $2.99.Businesswoman.

Read more! Here are “Five free eBooks & audiobooks every strategic Black woman must read to master and win at life.” I have read each one of these ebooks /audiobooks and I want to share them with you. Entrepreneurs, military leaders, executives, and others have all read these books and every Black woman should too. Why should you read these books? I want to ask you two questions. Do you want to win? Are you achieving what you know you are fully capable of? If answered yes to the first question and no to the second question I guarantee these books will help you do it. The best thing about them is that they are all FREE! It is time to change your life. Plan, act, dominate and win! Read the entire post here.

Again we here at BBG don’t do resolutions. We do goals, create plans and make it happen, and so should you. I hope my suggestions will help. Don’t forget to download my free goal sheets here. Have an amazing year. Let’s crush, dominate and win in 2015 and make it the best year you’ve ever had.

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Remember the only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself so think and be limitless.



  1. beentheredonethat 1 January, 2015 at 12:28 Reply

    Well I must have done something right, my daughter who’s only 13,started learning Japanese, and German on her own without a push from me or anyone else,she’s been fascinated by different cultures her whole life. I guess it’s because I never limited her or followed “black people rules” all my life. Lol She always talks about traveling,and about how much she hates America. I think she gets her attitude from me? All the white kidsat her school, just can’t understand why she wants to be fluent in Japanese, and why she listens to other types of music,iutside Nicki Minaje or Beyonce. I had all types of music and discussion going on while she was growing up. So we weren’t closed minded. I raised her single handedly, but she has no interest in having kids, she hates babies. Absolutely hates babies. I have never seen any girl hate babies so much! But that’s a good thing. Sorry.

  2. Nehoc Ekipse 6 January, 2015 at 10:50 Reply

    Languages are so important. I’ve gotten by with online translators with foreign clients (and the fact that many of them know English) but I know that my lack of foreign languages has hamstrung me in that department.

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