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Dear African Americans: A Long Overdue Open Letter to African Americans

Dear African Americans, I am both the descendant of African slaves, who came in chains and of Black immigrants, who came the United States by

January 29, 2015 Culture
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President Obama Proposes Free Community College for the First Two Years.

I am not a big left versus right person, but I am so glad today that President Obama announced that he is proposing making community

January 08, 2015 Career and Business
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When Whites have Clashes, Blacks have Riots. When Whites are Revelers, Blacks are Rioters.

Yesterday I wrote a post about the rioting in Ferguson and how we need to focus on economic and political empowerment and this came on

August 12, 2014 Culture
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STOP GIVING your creativity away for free: Blacks Need to Own Our Own Websites (UPDATED)

My Story First of all, my posts are largely influenced by the mothers of the Black Empowerment Movement, Black Womanist and  Feminist and both my

July 09, 2014 Career and Business
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An open letter to Black women. Black misogyny is not the new normal.

Dear Black women, I love and adore you so much. You are amazing. Without you many of us would not have made it this far.

June 23, 2014 Culture
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A Sad Sight. Black Women Who Support Black Men Misogynists

It makes me so sad when I see Black women support hateful Black male misogynists. I have seen brilliant Black women who I have known

April 15, 2014 Culture
Husband dislikes wife's natural hair. Image via Youtube 13

Black Women Your Hair is not Black Community Property

I was watching the Steve Harvey clip above on YouTube. In this clip the wife says that her husband dislikes her natural hair. This makes

April 10, 2014 Culture
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Guest Post: On Black History Month by Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, M.Ed.

Guest post by Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, M.Ed. Candidate for Representative for Detroit’s 8th House District. I am grateful for the thousands of courageous African American pioneers that

February 09, 2014 Culture
wpid-black-woman-reading1.jpeg 12

Facts about African Americans You May Not Know (Social and Economic Edition)

This is the second edition of Fact’s About African American Americans You May Not Know (Social and Economic Edition). Click here for the first one.

January 28, 2014 Uncategorized
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100 Days to a Brand New You: It’s time to move out of violent communities. (83/100)

I am so sick of seeing Black women and children dying violently every day. Most of the time they are murdered by someone they love

January 27, 2014 100 Days to A Brand New You
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