So this post “Why These 3 Black Men Won’t Date Black Women” featuring three men who won’t date Black women has been floating around the internet. It was from the inherently antiBlack women “Iyanla: Fix My Life” show. She is. I know what I saw. You can disagree, but that’s not the point of the post. Y’all you should see the reactions to the article and video. They range from anger to sisters down right begging and writing open letters to Black men who hate them. Stop it y’all!

Let’s have a come to Black Middle Eastern Jesus and Black goddess sisterhood moment. If a Black man says he doesn’t date Black women, for whatever reason, I don’t care if he claims we all have attitudes, our weaves caused the apocalypse or is mad because we didn’t make the sun rise today, girl tell him thanks for the favor.

He. Did. You. A. HUGE. Favor. Unlike the jokers who play games in Hollyweird by pretending to like Black women for money, but marry nonBlack, he told you the truth. He is telling you upfront without you giving up your time or energy he isn’t the man for you. That’s a good thing because you don’t have to invest a hair follicle in them. You can focus on more important things like what’s for dinner, when is your next hair appointment, why is there lint on your shirt and why is Cinnamon Toast Crunch so darn good.

One more thing. Sis, stop trying to figure out why they don’t like Black women or begging Black men who hate Black women to pick you. We know why they hate Black women. Some of the biggest White supremacists are Black and these ashy ass men are Black-White supremacists. Sis, regardless of how much you engage in mental gymnastics by trashing other Black women while uplifting Black men, they will never pick you. Regardless of how you wear your hair or how little makeup you wear, he won’t pick you. Regardless of how long your skirts are or your sexual prowess on his ashy peen, they may screw you and take your money for their movie, but they won’t pick you. The fact is they won’t pick you because you’re Black. Remember it’s not your fault. That’s their problem. Not yours.

I had to add this song because it sums up this post.

Life is so short sis. Why waste your time trying to change, fix, guide, uplift or save a Black man who doesn’t like Black women? You aren’t Iyanla. You won’t get a blue ribbon for trying to save his self-hating behind. You’ll get a lifetime of misery. Fixing him was his parents’ job. His parents failed, not Black women. A man who is a healthy adult doesn’t need all of that anyway. Begging men who hate you makes you look pathetic and only increases their hatred of you. It also takes your energy, attention and time away from men who do want you. Let other nonBlack women have his damaged ass. He needs counseling anyways.

Because of this post, I will probably be called all kinds of bed wenches by Black men who wouldn’t date or marry (if you’re lucky) women darker than an egg-shell. I will also be probably told by their Black women supporters, that this one post, not crime, gangs, poor schools, poverty, racism, sexual abuse, and broken families is destroying the Black community. We know this post isn’t, but the thing is I don’t care what they say. I’m here for you sis.  Aren’t you tired of begging, pleading, wishing and hoping? I get tired seeing Black women do it.

My advice is to forget about the guys who hate you and focus on guys who want you. I don’t care if it the package is Brad, Kim, Sanjay, Kofi, Ali or DeAndre. Hey y’all!! Focus on guys who will treasure, protect, provide and love you. Sis, as someone really wise said, “go where you are loved, not where you are tolerated.” The world is yours sis. Trust me you are loved,  you deserve love and so much more.

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menThe only limit you have, is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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