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A Black man who says he doesn’t date Black women is doing Black women a favor.

So this post “Why These 3 Black Men Won’t Date Black Women” featuring three men who won’t date Black women has been floating around the

September 28, 2016 Culture
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Check out my new app “Pecs” where women can find a mate based on income, penis size, credit score and so much more

Are you “looking for love in all the wrong places?” Well you’ve come to the right place. Since #Smoochr, an app for Black singles, lets

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Forget Tamika with the 4c hair! Go get you light skinned Becky with the good hair on the dating site for Black people, Smoochr

Instead of going on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, at they mama’s house or on their PS4 where they can hate Black women, you can fulfill your ashy

July 25, 2016 Colorism
Ladies be on the lookout for this man. 15

When being desperate for ashy peen goes terribly wrong.

I normally don’t do posts like this. I am not a relationship expert, but what I do have is common sense. In the situation below,

January 02, 2015 News You May Not Know About
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100 Days to A Brand New You: 13 Douchebaggy Things Guys Do To Turn A Woman Off (62/100)

A while back I was talking to some of my girlfriends. We had started talking about what we found unattractive in potential partners. We all

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Stay out of Black Women’s Waistlines: Stop Ostracizing & Start Understanding

“Take care of your health. Mental, physical, and spiritual. Like your life depends on it.”  ~ Mo’Nique Many people believe weight loss is about 80%

May 29, 2013 Health and Beauty
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Black Women Should Date Who the Heck They Want But if You are Really In the Market to Date, Date out!

I tend not to look at the emotional side of things. For me it actually comes down to numbers. The truth is that there are more

November 30, 2012 Culture
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Bougie doesn’t give a darn who you date Black man!

Release the Kraken!! It is summer and guess what? We once again are going to be flooded with articles on how Black women are supposed

May 03, 2012 Colorism, Sexism
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