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Unlike Black men, why Black women do not put our interests first

Being pro-Black woman doesn’t mean you are antiBlack man. I feel like I have repeated this for the 1,000th time but it needs to be

July 24, 2014 Culture
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For your entertainment: The Online Beating of Black Women and Black Girls and Why You Love It.

Fyi, this post is not about spanking. Just note I do not believe in spanking but others do. Once again there is another video of

March 16, 2014 Culture
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Guest Post: Jordan Davis and A Letter to Black America

by Shanay Watson-Whittaker Crossposted from Dear Black America, Stop trying to seek acceptance and love from a country that does not respect you! In

February 19, 2014 Culture, Politics, Race
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Facts about African Americans You May Not Know (Social and Economic Edition)

This is the second edition of Fact’s About African American Americans You May Not Know (Social and Economic Edition). Click here for the first one.

January 28, 2014 Uncategorized
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Dear America How the hell is Richard Sherman a thug and Justin Bieber isn’t?

Dear America, I don’t usually talk about these things. I am a stan for Black women. And I am sure Richard Sherman will have his

January 24, 2014 Uncategorized
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The Public Trial of Rachel Jeantel

Today, 19 year old Rachel Jeantel testified for the prosecution in the murder trial against George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman, 29, is accused of murdering 17

June 26, 2013 Race, Sexism

I am proud to say I am not an ideal Black woman.

In the Black community, I believe there is an ideal Black woman. The ideal Black woman is strong, unbreakable and tough. She is able to

May 06, 2013 Culture, Race, Sexism
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My rant: Black people are not the Borg.

This issue has bothered me for god knows how long. Black people are not the borg (Star Trek reference). For some reason people believe that Black

The soft bigotry of low expectations: “Florida Passes Plan For Racially-Based Academic Goals « CBS Tampa”

“Palm Beach, Fla. (CBS TAMPA) – The Florida State Board of Education passed a plan that sets goals for students in math and reading based upon

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Being a criminal is a choice. If you do not commit crime you will not go to jail.

“Change will not come out of the sky. It’s a shame that after 310 years of chattel slavery and 150 years of injustice that we

October 15, 2012 Culture
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