Have you seen someone you know living an unfulfilled life, and you are afraid of living that way? Are you unsure about achieving your goals and the direction of your life? Purchase my book “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny.” It is “The lifestyle blueprint for the strategic Black woman who wants to win and master her life.” For only $2.99 and within hours you will be given tools created specifically for Black women to create goals and action steps to help you live the life of your dreams. Take the first step towards fulfilling your dreams. All you have to do is buy “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny.”

This book is for Black women who do not have the time to read through a gazillion pages of fluff. I realized since we are busy with our family and friends I must create a book that works around the busy lives of Black women. “Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny” is the book that does exactly that.

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life_Goals and Action Plan Worksheet (pdfs)