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STOP GIVING your creativity away for free: Blacks Need to Own Our Own Websites (UPDATED)

My Story First of all, my posts are largely influenced by the mothers of the Black Empowerment Movement, Black Womanist and  Feminist and both my

July 09, 2014 Career and Business
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Black people who want Black people to stay in violent neighborhoods want you to die

There I said it. Black people who want you to stay in violent communities want you to die a physical, spiritual and emotional death.  It’s

May 27, 2014 Culture
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Black Women Think Like Black Men. Leave the Black Community Behind.

For Black women to survive and thrive Black women must say good-bye, adios, and sayonara  to the Black community. I am not asking you to give

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Black Women Your Hair is not Black Community Property

I was watching the Steve Harvey clip above on YouTube. In this clip the wife says that her husband dislikes her natural hair. This makes

April 10, 2014 Culture
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That’s it. I’m turning in my Black card. I reject authentic Blackness.

That’s it. I am turning in my Black card. I have been officially kicked out the Black peoples club. You see, I recently wrote two

April 08, 2014 Culture
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Three Ways to Find Your Ultimate Side Hustle

For your financial security, even if you are an entrepreneur or an employee, it is always best to have multiple streams of income for extra

March 01, 2014 Career and Business
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100 Days to a Brand New You: Sistah to Sistah: Know Your Worth (87/100)

by Shanay Watson-Whittaker Crossposted from Black girl, I’m going to tell you something you need to know… You’re beautiful, you have value, and you

January 23, 2014 100 Days to A Brand New You

Racism, homophobia and other “-isms” and the acquisition of wealth, land and power

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” ~ Frederick Douglass I believe racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and other “-isms” are tools

May 09, 2013 Culture, Race
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100 Days to a Brand New You: Black folks get over your fear of power and influence. Here are some ways to do it. (70/100)

“A race without authority and power, is a race without respect.” ~ Marcus Garvey influence [ in-floo-uhns ] noun 1. the capacity or power of persons or

April 15, 2013 Culture
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Black Victim-hood Pimps want to keep you broke and broken while they get rich

This post was heavily influenced by a post on the For Black Women Only Facebook page. For more of their great posts check out their

March 09, 2013 Culture, Race
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