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Ring the alarm: Black women, save yourselves. Ignore struggle love propaganda!!

Black women are under attack. Yes attack. It sounds harsh, but there’s an unorganized campaign to destroy the lives of Black women by promoting struggle

October 06, 2016 Culture
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A Black man who says he doesn’t date Black women is doing Black women a favor.

So this post “Why These 3 Black Men Won’t Date Black Women” featuring three men who won’t date Black women has been floating around the

September 28, 2016 Culture
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You deserve better: 70 things every Black woman must do now to live the life she wants!

    Black women aren’t living the lives we should. Many believe struggle, suffering and misery is a Black woman’s destiny.  Don’t believe me? Read Black

December 31, 2015 Health and Beauty
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Guest Post: Women of Color and Street Harassment, the Unspoken Dialogue

Written in 2014 By Teresilla For the past week or so the “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” social experiment has gone viral,

June 05, 2015 Colorism
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Sick, Sick Sick! Facebook Page and YouTube Video Wants to Infect Black Women with Diseases (UPDATED)

I have seen the bottom of the internet and it is horrific. The hatred of Black women has evolved into to threats against our lives.

June 05, 2015 Culture
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Dear Black women hating trolls, Get out of Black women’s spaces. (NFSW: Profanity)

Here is the low down. A few bitter folks have been trolling Black women’s spaces including and my page and website. They are questioning my

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Check out 10 Powerful, Incredible and Inspiring Quotes by and for Black women

  Today we want to inspire. Sister, we want to inspire you to be the best you, you can be. We know for Black women

May 18, 2015 Culture
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Dear World, You hate Black women. So what! Leave Black women alone!

Warning: This is a rant. I’ve had enough and I hope other Black women have had enough too. Move on sis.  Screw what others say

May 11, 2015 Culture
Toya Graham. Image via Screen Capture 1

In case you missed it: Baltimore mom Toya Graham: Mom of the Year or White supremacy’s agent? Incredible stats about Black women & more.

In case you missed them, here is a roundup of last week’s awesome blog posts. Click the headings to check them out and please share

Toya Graham. Image via Screen Capture 10

Black mothers will always lose: In defense of Baltimore mom Toya Graham!

Warning: This is a two part post. By Bougie Black Girl I promised not to write about Baltimore. Forgive me all, but I feel compelled

May 01, 2015 Culture
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