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Meet Lisa A. Smith. She’s the founder and principal of FITCAMP360 INC. and she’s awesome.

Welcome to the seventh installment of “Awesome Black entrepreneurs you should know and support” series. As you know in the United States, the Black dollar

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Check out my new app “Pecs” where women can find a mate based on income, penis size, credit score and so much more

Are you “looking for love in all the wrong places?” Well you’ve come to the right place. Since #Smoochr, an app for Black singles, lets

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There are Big Changes at Happening at Bougie Black Girl

In the next few weeks, we’re making big changes at Bougie Black Girl. You see, my passion is improving the lives of Black women. I believe I’ve


Unknown Black history: Mary Jane Patterson, the 1st African American woman with a Bachelor’s degree

  Mary Jane Patterson was born a slave on September 12, 1840? in Raleigh, North Carolina. Possibly fugitive slaves, her parents, Henry Irving and Emeline

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Bougie Black Girl hates Black men!

  I’ve been outed. I’ve been accused of being a Black man hating pro gay black feminist. Black man hating? Naw, what I really hate is Black

January 07, 2016 News You May Not Know About
Weekly Wrapup for featured picture 0

Patti Pie Shade, Random Thoughts, WTF Missy and so much more on our Weekly Wrap up

Hey Friends, We’ve made it through another week and I am so grateful you’re here. Chile this week we’ve done seen super saiyan god level shade

November 15, 2015 News You May Not Know About
Weekly Wrapup for featured picture 1

Self Hating Black men, Broke as heck, Poor Cities, Serena Williams and so much more on our Weekly Wrap up

Hello, I am so glad you’re here. This week has been something special. I’ve written a few posts, corrected some ignorant a** memes and made

November 07, 2015 News You May Not Know About
Weekly Wrapup for featured picture 0

Weekly Wrap Up: Broke, miserable, need money, successful business or fired? 5 awesome posts you might have missed

Hey you, First of all, I want to say thank you for being here. I really appreciate you. Well this week, we wrote a lot

October 31, 2015 News You May Not Know About
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I want to be rich. Since #RachelDolezal is transracial I want to be transfinancial. Help me become rich and transfinancial today!

Since Rachel Dolezal is transracial I have decided to become transfinancial.  You see I was born a poor Black child who lived in the wrong economic

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Dear Black women hating trolls, Get out of Black women’s spaces. (NFSW: Profanity)

Here is the low down. A few bitter folks have been trolling Black women’s spaces including and my page and website. They are questioning my

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