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Warning: Beware of Men who call women or girls this…

Warning and beware. If someone says it around you see it as a blessing. Avoid them! At least you know who you are dealing with.

September 04, 2015 Culture
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60 examples of what it means to be a Black woman in the United States

Unlike some self or media proclaimed spokesmen, I do not claim to write for all African Americans or even all Black women. I don’t have

July 18, 2015 Culture
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Dear World, You hate Black women. So what! Leave Black women alone!

Warning: This is a rant. I’ve had enough and I hope other Black women have had enough too. Move on sis.  Screw what others say

May 11, 2015 Culture
Toya Graham. Image via Screen Capture 1

In case you missed it: Baltimore mom Toya Graham: Mom of the Year or White supremacy’s agent? Incredible stats about Black women & more.

In case you missed them, here is a roundup of last week’s awesome blog posts. Click the headings to check them out and please share

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In the I wish a dude would files: Me submit? Hell naw!

We’ve seen the submission memes making the rounds on social media, specifically in Black spaces. People claim Black women only submit to White men or

April 27, 2015 Culture
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UPDATE!!! Two White QVC hosts mock a Black Woman’s natural hair and humiliate her on TV. (Video)

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE, TO THE UPDATE! The QVC host Sandra Bennett responded. Please see the screen shots below. This was from her Facebook page and

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Racist things that only Black women deal with at work

Black women are kicking ass in the work place. With success comes a whole bunch of crap. More like microaggressions. You can’t quite call HR on

December 10, 2014 Career and Business
NYT fail 8

The NY Times and Alessandra Stanley figure out: How to get away with racist, sexist, colorist and ageist tropes against Shonda Rhimes and Viola Davis

by Shanay Watson-Whittaker Crossposted from Just when you think that the New York Times couldn’t sink any lower, they did! The “Gray Lady” wonders

September 19, 2014 Culture

Unlike Black men, why Black women do not put our interests first

Being pro-Black woman doesn’t mean you are antiBlack man. I feel like I have repeated this for the 1,000th time but it needs to be

July 24, 2014 Culture
KH 26

Kevin Hart is telling Black women he will dis you but everyone else is off limits. So what are you going to do?

Kevin Hart #handsdown Light-skinned women usually have better credit than a dark-skinned woman…Broke as dark hoes…Lol Dark skinned women take a punch @ da face

May 31, 2014 Culture
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