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Black teens attacked 2

Post-racial America my ass: Black Children targeted by the White police at a community pool after White woman beats on a Black teen. (NSFW or Children: Police Brutality)

The videos are shocking and not safe for young viewers. On June 5, 2015 in  McKinney, Texas a suburb outside of Dallas, a White adult

June 07, 2015 Race

#BLACKLIVESMATTER only if you are male, heterosexual and able-bodied

  When I saw this on MSNBC, I cried for my sisters. When I read twitter feeds and articles and when I saw images on television and

December 06, 2014 Uncategorized
Infant Sucking Finger 10

Dear Black America, I am a Black mom who doesn’t believe in spanking.

This is in response to some people justifying Adrian Peterson beating his four year old child with a switch. He has been charged, indicted and released on

September 13, 2014 Family
BW & girls 44

Black women and girls killed by the police. Speak their names, see their faces and know their stories.

    There is this false myth going around that Black women are not victims of law enforcement. I believe the myth exists because quite frankly

Young Woman Thinking --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis 6

Clicks, likes and shares: The dizzying messages we send to Black girls and Black women

Our society and social media is crazy. We send a ton of dizzying messages to little Black girls and then we blame Black women if they

August 22, 2014 Culture
wpid-Tianadress.jpeg 10

Being a princess isn’t just for White girls.

I hate to see parents treat their Black daughters like the hired help. She is serving everyone while others sit on their ass. Without realizing

June 20, 2013 Culture

Video: Young Girls To Hip-Hop Radio CEO To Play Gospel! “Would You Rather Play Music That Degrades Us” + Radio Executive’s Response To That

Preach it Young sisters. These people could care less about you or I. All they care about is money. Putting violent misogynistic rap music on the radio

April 20, 2012 Sexism
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