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Support Black Owned Media: Here are 15 AWESOME Black owned blogs, media and websites you should check out right now.

    In the U.S. we’ve all noticed Black voices are disappearing from major media organizations. I believe it is because President Obama is leaving office.

March 07, 2016 Uncategorized
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Medical Racism: It is a matter of Black life and death. Here is why.

According to New York Times’ “Rise in Suicides By Black Children Surprises Researchers” article, more and more Black children are committing suicide. The factors in

May 19, 2015 Health and Beauty
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My unbiased review of the Isis Collection Brown Sugar Wig BS103 for Divatress

Check out my unbiased review of the Isis Collection Brown Sugar Wig BS103 for I even provide updates. The color is in a one.

December 30, 2014 Health and Beauty
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The rise of the African American Permanent Underclass PT1

I believe a African-American permanent underclass is here. Who are the underclass? According to Richard Florida’s article “The 66%: America’s Growing Underclass” 66% of Americans are in the

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The Respectable Negro’s Guide to Surviving the Corporate World

Many of us are navigating the corporate world. Some of us are just joining the workforce while the rest of us are looking for new

August 04, 2014 Career and Business
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Are you a Black woman who wants to start a business but have no clue what kind? Answering these questions will help

Are you one of those people who has an entrepreneurial spirit but you have no clue what business you should get into? Well this post

July 11, 2014 Career and Business
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STOP GIVING your creativity away for free: Blacks Need to Own Our Own Websites (UPDATED)

My Story First of all, my posts are largely influenced by the mothers of the Black Empowerment Movement, Black Womanist and  Feminist and both my

July 09, 2014 Career and Business
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I object to racio-misogyny so that means I hate Black men. WHO KNEW???

I  don’t hate Black men. I don’t make videos saying that I hate them. I don’t call them hair rags because they wear du-rags. I

May 08, 2014 Culture
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Black Women Think Like Black Men. Leave the Black Community Behind.

For Black women to survive and thrive Black women must say good-bye, adios, and sayonara  to the Black community. I am not asking you to give

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The young and beautiful (OK in my mind) blogger and the Black man misogynist troll.

Names in this post have been changed. As Barbara Bush once said, “I mean, it’s not relevant. So, why should I waste my beautiful mind

April 16, 2014 Culture
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