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The Happy Holidays Conspiracy: An Atheist’s (my) war on CHRISTMAS

(HD VIDEO) In this video I give take on why I say “Happy Holidays” and the so called “WAR ON CHRISTMAS!” Enjoy!! If you want

December 10, 2014 Culture, Uncategorized
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Stop using your god as an excuse for inaction

I am a Black atheist but one thing that gets my on my nerves is when people use their faith as an excuse for inaction.

October 02, 2014 Culture
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America the Stupid and Proud of it.

I don’t hate America. I served it proudly in the United States Navy. I dislike the direction it is going. As James Baldwin said, “I

June 05, 2014 Culture
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I’m a Black Unicorn Baby: I am a Black Woman Atheist!

I am a Black woman atheist. I am not on #teamjesus #teamgod or whatever.  Yes we exist! How am I an atheist even though studies say Black

January 15, 2014 Culture

There is something about gospel music touches my soul and makes my heart sing with unfettered and uncontrollable joy!

I love gospel music. I grew up in a baptist and catholic household. So when people asked me about my religious affiliation I would always

November 15, 2012 Culture
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Give me that Old Time Tradition!! Some of my family’s old ways!

Lately I  find myself thinking about the old ways. A picture, a song or my mothers laughter unearths memories thought long lost to the ages.

July 12, 2012 Culture
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UPDATED!! Prosperity pimp Preacher Creflo A. Dollar gets arrested after choking and beating daughter and his apologists’ prosperity hoes blame his daughter.

The big news is that Creflo A. Dollar, preacher at the prosperity cult World Changers Church in College Park, Georgia was arrested for beating and

June 08, 2012 Culture, Sexism
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