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She’s BACK! Rachel “the last race bender” Doležal is dropping a new book. We’ve decided to give it a title.

As you know Rachel “who shall not be named” the last race bender wrote a book about her Blackity Black transracial experience called In Full

October 30, 2016 Culture
laughing 14

Dear Black man, Do you really think Black women care about who you marry?

Let me preface this post with a story before we get in the meat, potatoes, rice, and peas. I’m hungry now. Many of you know

October 13, 2016 Culture
struggle-love 13

Ring the alarm: Black women, save yourselves. Ignore struggle love propaganda!!

Black women are under attack. Yes attack. It sounds harsh, but there’s an unorganized campaign to destroy the lives of Black women by promoting struggle

October 06, 2016 Culture
black-men 20

A Black man who says he doesn’t date Black women is doing Black women a favor.

So this post “Why These 3 Black Men Won’t Date Black Women” featuring three men who won’t date Black women has been floating around the

September 28, 2016 Culture
nichelle_nichols_uhura_star_trek 1

Happy 50th Star Trek! Did you know these Black actresses also appeared on the Star Trek shows and movies?

Today is the 50th anniversary of the show that taught us to “boldly go where no one has gone before,” Star Trek. Star Trek was

September 08, 2016 Culture
korryn-gaines-640x938 20

A Black male is shot & killed by the police in Milwaukee, Black people riot. Two weeks ago Korryn Gaines got victim-blamed.

Y’all see what is happening in Milwaukee when a Black man was shot by the police? He was carrying a gun when stopped by the police and is

August 14, 2016 Culture
korryn-gaines-640x938 13

Korryn Gaines! Black women, Black people hate you & this is your wakeup call

After centuries of Black women in America discussing being ignored, abused and murdered, it took horrific Tweets and Facebook posts about Korryn Gaines by Black

August 04, 2016 Culture
Sara 5

Dear Jacka***s, This is NOT Harriet Tubman!

Dear Jackasses, I know the schools teach to the test and you probably didn’t pay attention at your school’s annual Black month history play, but

May 01, 2016 Culture
ct-southside-with-you-sundance-debut-20160124 0

Check out the trailer for John Legend’s movie “Southside With You” based on the Obama’s first date!

“Southside With You” is based on the Obama’s first date and stars Parker Sawyers as Barack Obama and Tika Sumpter as Michelle Obama. It looks beautiful.

April 29, 2016 Culture
Quicksandwarning 4

What’s it like to grow up and live in poverty.

Millions of Americans are born into poverty. They’re your friends, family, employees, the people you say hi to every day, the folks who make your

April 29, 2016 Culture
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