Black women are under attack. Yes attack. It sounds harsh, but there’s an unorganized campaign to destroy the lives of Black women by promoting struggle love through media and art. What is “struggle love propaganda?” Struggle love propaganda are memes, videos, music, hotepian art, etc spread in social media and created by men to get cheap ass from women without putting in work.  These memes ask you to fix a man, build a man, settle for any ole man, don’t ask for child support, and settle for being treated like trash for the rest of your life.

You’ll tend to see women with no standards say “yes”  and “pick me” to struggle love propaganda in comment sections of social media sites. Women do this because they have no self esteem,  they’re lonely, will settle for any ashy peen and/or they just don’t know better. Struggle love propaganda is aimed at Black women because the meme’s creators know the Black women’s pool of potential partners, if you limit yourself to just Black men, is incredibly limited. Some Black woman is probably saying “my brother”, “my dad,” or “my man” is a good Black man. You were lucky. I married one. The fact is the numbers prove otherwise.


Why is the pool of Black men limited? Here are some facts. There are 1.9 million more Black women than Black men. Approximately 33% of Black men have been in the criminal justice system. Black men’s unemployment rate is 9.1%. That’s the highest in the U.S. We haven’t even touched Black men who aren’t available because they are gay or married to Black or nonBlack women. Black women’s college attendance rate is one of the highest in the nation at 32% while Black men’s is only 23% and other issues. The point is Black people who create these memes want Black women to settle because the pool of eligible Black men isn’t big. Before you call me bitter, I’m not being mean. I’m not bashing. I am stating cold hard facts.

2015 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates (Black Only)

Have you ever seen these memes directed at Asian women, Latino women or even White women? No, because these communities expect men to be providers. They also expect women to marry up. Unlike the Black community, wanting a man who can provide a high quality of life for his potential family isn’t gold digging, but the smart thing  to do to avoid multigenerational poverty and encourage inheritance. Heck, even Black men have standards. How many memes, songs or videos have you seen or heard where Black men asked if a Black woman can cook, clean, love God, work while being submissive, be natural, but her hair can’t be too nappy, not cheat while being in a polygamist relationship, is a virgin while sexing like a 40-year-old stripper, has to have it all together while trying to fix and uplift him and I could go on.  Just like Black men, there is nothing wrong with Black women having standards. Having standards will allow you and your children, if you choose to have them, to have a great life.

Look sis, the courtship stage is when men try to impress you the MOST. It sets the tone of the relationship. If you accept less during the courtship stage, most of the time, you’ll get less during the relationship. If you’re a cheap date, your relationship will be on the cheap. Men who promote this trash want and expect ass and wife duties for the price of a movie ticket, a vanilla milk shake and large GMO fries. Aren’t you worth more than that? Have standards and keep them. Men respect a woman with standards much more than cheap and a mediocre accepting woman. Let a love deserving of you, find you.

The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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