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Hi I am Lakisha. Apparently to some my name means I hood, ghetto, etc. 13

The burden of African-American names: Hi my name is Lakisha. I love my name. Apparently, America does not.

Today I read, “Your Name Says More About You Than You Think” in The story shared by the young women in the article is the story

February 11, 2015 Culture

The rise of the African American Permanent Underclass PT2: How to avoid it

We’ve already shown what might be the existence of a possible African-American underclass (read more about it here). Now you are wondering what can you do

Young Woman Thinking --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis 11

The rise of the African American Permanent Underclass PT1

I believe a African-American permanent underclass is here. Who are the underclass? According to Richard Florida’s article “The 66%: America’s Growing Underclass” 66% of Americans are in the

money 6

The left vs right fight isn’t ours. Black Americans must focus on wealth building.

“Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.” ~ Malcolm X Because

November 05, 2014 Career and Business
little girl 17

When Whites have Clashes, Blacks have Riots. When Whites are Revelers, Blacks are Rioters.

Yesterday I wrote a post about the rioting in Ferguson and how we need to focus on economic and political empowerment and this came on

August 12, 2014 Culture
money 5

Six easy ways for Black women to get their money right while looking & feeling fabulous

Black women work just as hard as anyone else but unfortunately we are paid less for the same jobs, we take care of nuclear and extended family

August 07, 2014 100 Days to A Brand New You
scared 12

The Respectable Negro’s Guide to Surviving the Corporate World

Many of us are navigating the corporate world. Some of us are just joining the workforce while the rest of us are looking for new

August 04, 2014 Career and Business
wpid-2014-01-03-12-57-23-987536114.jpeg 1

Today’s Challenge: Black women focus on your possibilities

When people ask me what do I believe in because I am an atheist I tell them I believe in the beauty and humanity of

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Are you a Black woman who wants to start a business but have no clue what kind? Answering these questions will help

Are you one of those people who has an entrepreneurial spirit but you have no clue what business you should get into? Well this post

July 11, 2014 Career and Business
afro lady 25

Black Blogs and White Ownership: Why Black women will not have safe spaces

First of all I am not a natural hair diva. I am relaxed but I feel it is important to speak out about this issue.

July 06, 2014 Culture, Health and Beauty
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