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The QVC host Sandra Bennett responded. Please see the screen shots below.


This was from her Facebook page and was shown to me by a reader.


Dear Readers,

If you don’t think you have a voice you do. All the calling, writing on social media and your concern over this matter paid off. This is what we can accomplish when we channel all of energy to take a stand against any bias from a large corporation. I just want to say thank you.



***One of our readers contacted us and apparently QVC took the original video down and replaced it with a new one using the same model. She appears at the 5:54 mark. Here is a screen shot.


Check out the new version here.***

So the video below appeared in a natural hair group. Apparently the White women hosts on QVC felt like it was OK to insult a Black woman who has natural hair. If you don’t know what QVC is, they are the folks who sell products on live TV. Check out the models reaction. It says it all.  I am heartbroken for her. In 2015, I am not surprised that it is still happening. What surprised me was how their hosts felt entitled to judge and humiliate a Black woman on TV.

UPDATE!!! Here is another video that provides the full context.

Watch the entire video here. <- You can’t because QVC took the original one down.

Do you agree with this QVC? Do these women represent the views of your network?  Y’all need diversity QVC, and you must take immediate action against your hosts. Your silence and inaction equates to complicity. With over $1.1 trillion Black buying power, I look forward to your sincere apology to this young lady who was humiliated by your hosts and everyone else. Contact QVC  and let them know how you feel since their hosts felt the need to tell the world how they felt about a Black woman’s natural hair here.


QVC Host: You might look back and think, why did I wear my hair like that? But you like your bag still.

QVC Host 2: That’s right.


QVC Host 2: You won’t look at your hair in the picture. You’ll look at your handbag.

QVC Host: Exactly!

Post by Tia Blount.

If you cannot see the video click here for the original by Tia Blount

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