Black man sells “Black women are trash” tee shirts and mugs. Get yours today!

So several sisters I know found this tee-shirt and other items on the internet here. The Black man who created the shirts did it in response to this woman’s shirt that said: “Men are trash.” Here’s the shirt she designed.

The odd thing about the woman’s shirt is she didn’t say “Broke men are Trash,” “Dudes who call women shorty are trash,” “Men who don’t pay child support are trash” or even “Black men are trash.” She said, “Men are trash.” But this Black man’s natural retort was to take it to ASHY Lotion Deficit Threat Level FIVE and show the word how he, a man with Black features hates Black women.

He even encourages nonBlack women to get in on the fun and buy the shirt. I feel sorry for the Becky who does buy a shirt. I call upon the mother of humanity to make Becky with the “Black women are trash” shirt on to age like a banana and make her skin peel like cracked leather.

Thankfully, in the past few hours, the”Black women are trash” tee-shirt creator received significant pushback. He now calls the shirt a joke. Misogynists always call trashing Black women a joke when their money is in jeopardy. Sir, and I say that in jest,”We don’t believe you. You need more people.” Especially when you said in response to this tweet, “gotta get this money.”

You’re probably wondering why I’m giving this crusted lip he-devil attention? Because Black women ignoring Black women hate hasn’t worked. In fact, it has made Black men rich and gave nonBlacks permission to engage in misogynoir. How? I’ll discuss that later on the post.

You’re also probably wondering why do Black men tell the world they hate Black women? Well, this is how some feel. They hate themselves, and it’s easier to blame someone you oppress, i.e., Black women than blaming themselves and White male supremacy. You see Black women are a reminder of Black men’s inferiority against nonBlack men. NonBlack men control land, wealth, and resources. Black men do not. Some Black men think by uplifting and marrying the nonBlack man’s daughter, they will acquire access to the nonBlack man’s land, wealth, and resources. Here’s a hint. It ain’t working. Black male misogynists are mostly broke down busters who have to bum off a cigarette and couch from a Black woman. The most obvious point is because Black men have successfully made millions trashing Black women. Don’t believe me. Check out 30 years of hip-hop and your favorite entertainers. They’ve all done it and they’re still pretty successful. Black men trashing Black women has given other groups permission to trash Black women. Just read the tweets from nonBlack men. Fyi, these Black male colorists and misogynists wouldn’t exist without Black women because Black men don’t have the purchasing power Black women do. The encouraging thing is Black women are starting to change this.

Remember Nate Parkers Birth of a Nation? Black men in Hotepia were saying Black men must support this movie because Black women were like “Nah” due to Parker’s past rape allegations. Guess what? The film flopped. The funny thing is even though BOAN flopped, most of the Black ticket buyers to BOAN were Black women. Black men didn’t even support it. By the way, even though Black women were the Black ticket buyers, Black women still got blamed for Birth of a Nation failing. We can’t win with them, but this time we won with ourselves.

Need another example? Ricky Smiley responded to a Black woman who called him out for an  colorist joke where he said: “A dark skinned woman walked in my kitchen once and the skillet started laughing.”

Smiley addressed it in a video and didn’t regret the joke. In fact, he doubled down on the joke and bragged at the 6:41 mark, “I got paid for the joke.” Now you know why his son said on a Black-owned TV station,”Black females are not attractive to me.” His daddy! Apple meets mother freaking tree.

Smiley and others thought Black women wouldn’t hold Black men accountable for their antiBlack woman colorism and misogynoir. Silly wabbit! He and the tweeter learned not today Satan. I’m glad the young woman and Black women are saying no mas.

As long as you trash Black women, everything you do will fail.

There is an awaking with Black women. We realize we deserve better than being a punchline and punching bag. We’re wielding our power. Since BOAN failed, I’ve seen shows like Guerilla, which blatantly erased Black women from British Black power history fail because Black women refused to support their erasure. In case you don’t know, even with major TV promotion, only 140,000 people in the 18-49 age group watched Guerrilla. Bravo sisters. I’m proud.

Now back to the shirt. Some sisters are reporting the shirt and are calling for the removal of the misogynistic tee-shirt from the website. I disagree. I want to see people wearing this shirt because I want to know who my enemy is, even if that enemy looks like us. Like the old saying goes “it’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” I want to know who these evil SOBs are.

What do you think? Should the tee-shirt be removed?

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  1. Bougie Black Girl's Bougie Black Brother 7 May, 2017 at 17:38 Reply

    Great post sissy. Nope, don’t push to have the shirt removed. Leave the ignorance up. I need target practice.

  2. Linda 7 May, 2017 at 17:59 Reply

    Leave the shirt be. The worst thing we sisters can do is to validate its existence by retaliating against it. I don’t worry about Black men. They are on the way out anyway, like the appendix and the penny.

  3. MixedUpInVegas 7 May, 2017 at 18:22 Reply

    This is SHOCKING! If you don’t have a preference for Black women, then that’s your business . . . .but to try to poison the well for Black women???? That is not about “preference” but more about character assassination. And worst of all, profiteering from it??? Outrageous!

  4. Jason 7 May, 2017 at 20:25 Reply

    The maker of this T shirt is NOT a black man. It is a white internet troll. His whole schtick is posting pro-Trump, pro-white nationalist bullshit with a picture of a dead black man as his avi. Scroll through his feed and photos. There is a photo of his very white hand making the “white power” sign. He especially gets off on trolling black people. In one post he links to a photo of a sister wearing a jacket that says “Niggaz aint shit.” and makes a snide comment about “our black queen representing for us.”

    Your message is important but I hope you’ll consider looking into this and making a correction. Black men do not hate black women. We love you. The cycle of self-hate and abuse perpetuated by idiots like Rickey Smiley and Tyrese needs to be addressed for sure, but we don’t have to give white supremacist assholes a voice in that process.

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