What’s a Hotep? Here’s the world’s most comprehensive definition of a Hotep EVER!!

People always ask me what’s a hotep.  I always give a funny answer and say, “They’re the folks who blame everyone but themselves for their f**ked up lives. If it rained according to a hotep it’s a Black woman’s fault. You’re child gay (as if that’s supposed to be bad)? Single moms and bottled water. Got cancer? Shea butter, decalcified pineal gland, and alkaline water could fix it. Periods? Unnatural.” Y’all think I’m kidding but I done seent it! LOL!

Alright, let me put my fancy NYC Public School System and Jesuit education to use. A hotep is a Black person who wants to replace a sexist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic and White supremacist patriarchy with a sexist, bigoted, misogynistic, colorist and homophobic Black nationalist patriarchy. Basically, they want Black males to oppress people the same way White supremacists do.

This image was taken from Twitter.

Hoteps obsess about Egypt’s history because Egyptians are light and are recognized by Europeans as a great civilization while knowing most African Americans ancestors are from West Africa. They call themselves “Hebrews” without having any genetic lineage to Israel.

Most hoteps believe in polygamy and cite religious texts, but they do not believe in legal marriage. They do not believe in polyandry even though polyandry is older than their invader religion’s book. Polyandry is a woman having more than one husband. They call Black males having babies out of wedlock “nation building,” and encourage polygamy while disparaging Black single mothers. They trash Black women for changing our appearance (which is a means to survive in an antiBlack world and our choice) while being colorists and proclaiming “Black love.”

They say Black women want to be White because of our education while hoteps follow nonBlack invader religions. They call Black women angry and bitter even though over 90% of violent crimes in the Black community are committed Black males. They blame the violence perpetrated by Black males on Black women. They call Black women emotional even though violence is a reaction to negative emotions. They believe themselves to be logical even though they hold suspicious archaic beliefs like periods being unnatural. HUH?? Back to being serious. They say Black men must lead, and Black women must follow, but when things go wrong Black women are to blame. Am I lying? They want an independent woman who is submissive. They want Black women to fix broken Black males, are against hypergamy, but blame Black women when the relationship between a unequally yoked Black male and Black woman fails. They want an educated woman who doesn’t display her education. They use words like “queen” and “goddess” to get ass but are quick to call women b’s and hoes for disagreeing with them.

Hotep logic

They call White people cave beasts and call Black women “bed wenches” for dating nonBlack men but they have no problem with Black men impregnating the White man’s daughter. That too is considered “nation building” and if the result is a biracial daughter, more women who are “Black” but not too “Black” for them. They have no resources, wealth, no schools, and infrastructure. They talk a good game on the net and others have made millions from it, but it is all talk.

Hoteps pretend to be something they are not instead of taking pride in who they are. They are sleep to others oppression while claiming to be woke. They are the oppressed who wants to mimic the power of oppressor instead of becoming a liberator. They’re hypocrites. That’s what a hotep is. I write about avoiding them here because they’re bad for your health, the gene pool, and your pocketbook. Feel free to add more to the definition.

The only limit you have is the one you’ve placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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  1. Rosalinda Wijks 18 May, 2017 at 11:04 Reply

    An amazing post, but I beg to differ on one thing.

    “Hoteps obsess about Egypt’s history because Egyptians are light and are recognized by Europeans as a great civilization while knowing most African Americans ancestors are from West Africa.”

    I have lived in Egypt and studied Egyptian Arabic. Not only are all Egyptians people of colour, allmost all of them are brown(ish), yellow(ish) or red(ish) and the more you go to Southern Egypt, the darker they get. (In the Delta, in the North, they tend to be somewhat lighter)

    Most people in Luxor are very brown, and Aswan, in Egypts deep south, is home to the Nubians, a black African people that have been living in Egypt since antiquity - long before the Arabs came. There were also quite a few Nubian pharaohs.

    But yes, the perception is that all Egyptians are light and that they are supposedly white. (Not true!)

  2. Rosalinda Wijks 18 May, 2017 at 11:09 Reply

    But yes, full agreement on all other points. It was also a very funny post, by the way. Those extreme black consciousness/Afrocentric men are indeed guys any sensible black woman should steer clear from. I remember one telling me that “Feminism ruined our women.” I told him I am/identifiy as a feminist and he backed off a bit, trying to “explain” him what he meant. (I didn’t even start about my black & Islamic feminism, lol!)

    Oh, and re Egypt: Nubians, but also Sudanese (especially the non-Muslim, non Arab southerners), Ethiopians and Eritreans and basically all black people in Egypt face horrendous, vicious racism by non-black Egyptians. It’s a huge problem.

  3. Jessica Campbell 18 May, 2017 at 12:39 Reply

    “They are the oppressed who wants to mimic the power of oppressor instead of becoming a liberator. They’re hypocrites.”

    *mic drop*

    Thank you for always keeping it real, sis!

  4. Fluffy 19 May, 2017 at 16:26 Reply

    My honest opinion of your post is this. All throughout your post seems to be anecdotes without sources to the claims you make about a hotep person. And your definition of what a hotep person is sounds like the same methods that people use to describe Muslim people. Basically, all the thingd you say a hotep person is and what they want just comes across as your interpetation versus actual reality. Because the things you describe sound like the most extreme type of person. I think your post would have been comprehensive if it actually contain references. Every single claim you make contains none. I think if you really found a people who calls themselves hotep, you would find that a lot, if not all, of the things you say are unwarranted. My question to you is this. What interviews or surveys have you completed featuring these hotep people in which you asked them point by point of the things you included in this post? Because adding something like that to backup the things you say would make it more credible instead of a rant that people ought to take with a grain of salt because to me, it’s a disservice to publicly shame (whether true or not) one another. Instead of criticizing these hotep people, why not help to change their thinking if it’s so destructive? Why not have a guide to teach hotep people why their way of thinking (whatever it may truly be) should be otherwise? May be they could be liberators if we in the community (online and off it) didn’t treat them like the bad step child.

  5. Dee 24 May, 2017 at 15:50 Reply

    Yes ma’am!!! Honey I know one very well!

    “They call themselves “Hebrews” without having any genetic lineage to Israel.”

    “They are the oppressed who wants to mimic the power of oppressor instead of becoming a liberator. They’re hypocrites.”

  6. Coco Bates 4 June, 2017 at 19:21 Reply
    As someone who considers herself a part of the conscious community, I was not a fan of this article. How did such a sacred term come to have such a negative connotation? The word Hotep derives from Khemet and means “to come in peace” or “Be at peace” I am constantly surrounded by so many revolutionary black men and women and have never experienced this type of behavior.

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