OH NOES! Black Love is DEAD. The first Black Bachelorette wants Ted instead of Tyrone!

So I’ve decided to venture into the world of The Bachelorette. In case you don’t know, the show is about one woman looking for love by dating a variety of men. It’s a pretty smart concept. In fact, most women who are dating should do this to find the best partner for them. Anyways, this season is groundbreaking because The Bachelorette is a Black woman.

While wading through the muddy waters of social media, I saw several complaints about the show. Some people are upset Rachel, The Bachelorette isn’t just dating Black men.

Hold the heck up! When did finding love become a social justice issue? I’m serious. Is she supposed to throw up the fist every time she gets kissed? Is she expected to say “no Billy, no Jake, no Juan, no Ali or Lee. I’m calling Tyrone.” Is she supposed to ignore who she’s comfortable and compatible with so that hoteps, their sister-wives, YouTube thugs  who hate Black women and ashy meme creators who don’t watch the show are happy?

Then I saw comments from other Black folks asking why wasn’t there a Black male Bachelor. I guess you guys missed Flavor of Love, Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, For the Love of Ray J, Real Chance of Love and others. I get it. You want more positive images of Black men on TV, and that’s cool but let’s step back. I don’t remember seeing think pieces and complaints about Black love when these Black men were kicking Black women off their shows like used toilet paper. Do you remember? I don’t. The thing is some of these Black men even used racist and sexist stereotypes to justify their choices of removing Black women.

Why are things different now? Oh yeah. I forgot. Whenever a Black male dates out, y’all call it a preference and that’s OK. If a Black woman does it, she’s evil, traitorous, and a weave wearing “bed wench” who is determined to destroy the Black community with her makeup, passport, tap water, fancy education and her boyfriend, Brad. Am I lying? Nope!

I want to know what the heck is wrong with y’all. I’m four chicken wings and shrimp fried rice like a heart attack serious. Some of you people are out of your gawd forsaken minds trying to force someone to feel something for someone they don’t because of your personal agenda. Let’s be honest for a second. Deep down this isn’t about Black love. I think y’all are salty about The Bachelorette because she is a Black woman on TV who doesn’t limit her options to Black males. That’s taboo in our community because of the perception that Black males are under attack (even though Black women getting from everyone) so we Black women must support them. The Bachelorette is destroying the myth Black women only want Black males and she’s doing it on national television.

You know what. Some people will be mad and call me all kinds of bed wenches even though I married a Black man, but color be darned. Life is short, and I believe in getting love where you can find it. So if you believe in Black love, go for it. I hope we celebrate this beautiful Bachelorette and give her the same chance at true love her predecessors were and you are allowed to have.

What do you think?

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  1. Lauren 31 May, 2017 at 08:23 Reply

    I love this. I mean if Matthew Noszka asked me out I wouldn’t hesitate. People need to understand it’s not the 1950s anymore and white men are out in the open with it to. Back in the day, no they’d never tell anyone they’d date a black woman-you’d find that type of shit out when he died and you were going through his stuff and just happened to find a stick of coco butter and an Ebony magazine and some letters to Jalissa in Baltimiore. But when I was at a bar recently I was approached by a white guy who asked me for my number and I was very flattered. You’re right, why limit yourself!

    But I think shows like this (and the media in general) are rife with fuckery and I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a away to sabotage her. They dogged the hell out of Meaghan Markle already for dating Prince Harry. So…we shall see. But the beauty of reality is that truth is stranger than fiction and white men aren’t buying the BS they see about black women in the media either.

  2. Nikki 31 May, 2017 at 15:05 Reply

    i honestly HATE this show regardless of the race of people involved because women are just being used. Yet, I see no problem with who she dates. I have always dated out and in. It was never about the color of the person, but the character of the person. Some people forget that.

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