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Hate Mondays? Here are six ways to have an awesome Monday!

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Me. At work. At a job, I hate surrounded by coworkers I can’t stand.

Today is the dreaded Monday. Some of us are already saying, “Why am I here? Why didn’t I win the lotto? I can’t wait until Friday.” If you’re me you’re saying “I hate these mother f***ers!” and you’re fantasizing quitting in your mind. My quitting fantasy is walking around the office with a big ass styrofoam middle finger and silently walking every single coworker who has said a subtly racist and sexist comment to me. You see, I know the feeling but Stop! Negativity is a choice. Don’t let these suckers at work get you down. We want to start our week off right so let’s change our perspective.

Monday is the first day of the week and can be the day of new beginnings. You’re probably like “how girl?” It’s easy. OK, it’s not easy. It means taking you out of your comfort zone. Decide to do what most people are afraid to do. Sis, TAKE ACTION!

1. Apply for the job you’ve always wanted. Yes, you’re qualified. Even if you don’t think you are, take a chance anyway. You never know until you try. Here’s a tip. Don’t apply for the job on your current job’s computer. You’re SOOOO fired, and we got loans!
Directory of Department of Labor by State

Indeed (dot) Com

2. Have an idea? Start a side business or even a primary business. I’ve got an idea. Stripping on the go. With my stretch marks and battle wounds from two pregnancies, it may not work for me, but it may work for you. The Small Business Association can show you how to start a business. Not stripping though. Check out

3. Tired of that inconsiderate trash box you call a boyfriend, need a mental reset or are you dealing with some issues? Talk to a professional. “No money? No problem!” Most therapists will work with you and charge you based on your income.

4. If you’re ready for a new relationship, try going out to happy hour spots. At least you know a potential beau has a job, unlike the dude your aunty tried to set you up with. In her mind, any man is better than no man at all. Roll eyes!  Go out, sis. You can meet a gentleman at the golf course, a sports event or with the touch of your finger find someone new online. Yes, beyond the married creepers, random peen senders, Splenda daddies, hobosexuals looking for a place to stay and the fetishists online, there are nice guys out there. Give it a chance.

5. Want to learn a new skill? Go online to YouTube, Code Academy, and other places to learn for free. You’ve got women making money off of makeup, hair and crafting skills they learned from YouTube. Who says you can’t do it? Also, check out your local post-secondary school. They offered plenty of low-cost courses.
Code Academy

Find schools along with cost and programs here

6. If you’re unsure of what you want to do with your life, check this out. Everyone wants to find their passion. What if deep down your passion is making money? The thing is it’s not PC to say it. We live in a society where rich people who have it all and poor people who have nothing tell you it’s not about the money. THEY’RE LIARS! It’s not about the money until it’s time to pay a bill. You know what? There’s no shame wanting, having and needing money. If you don’t know what you want, take a look at the hottest jobs with the highest salaries and start there. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a section of their website dedicated to job growth and wages. Start there and make your money!

Let today be your new beginning. No more whining, complaining and no more self-imposed misery. Take action and enjoy your Monday. The only limit you have is the one you’ve placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.
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