Protecting Victimizer Pharaoh I Have Nothing aka “Conscious Brothers” While Ignoring Black Women

This image was taken from Twitter.

This image was taken from Twitter.


Some people are upset that I am making fun of the fake Black male Egyptians aka “Conscious Brothers” who scream Hotep. First of all, I love the Black men in my life who love, honor and protect me. They actually agree with what I say. Secondly, I don’t do race based loyalty. Unlike mammies, I do me. So the rest of them have to earn it.

Now I want to know where is your outrage when they call Black women all kinds of b’s, h’s and so on? Why aren’t you upset that I can’t walk on my own street without being sexually harassed by King Nut? Why aren’t you upset that Pharaoh I Have Nothing is stalking me online and threatening my or other Black women’s lives? Some of y’all advocate my disrespect in the name of your god. I’ve seen you. Some of y’all blame us for our rape and sexual assault while protecting our Black male perpetrator out of race based loyalty and desperation. I’ve seen you. How about the sexist music, hastags, videos and pictures some of you share and the pages you support that bash Black women? But you want to be upset about a picture. Please.

It’s amazing how some are loyal to any old Black male including the ones that hate you but you refuse to show that brand of loyalty and protection for Black women. You know. The woman that raised you.

Look, I admire loyalty, just not your blind cultish type. So if you are into protecting Ray-ray the antiBlack female misogynist while victim blaming me this isn’t the place for you. Have a good day.



  1. Megan 6 November, 2013 at 11:30 Reply

    I agree 100% with your article. Moving on, this phenomenon of protecting black men at the expense of black women doesn’t surprise me at all…this is the way it’s been throughout black history, and appears to be worse now than in the past. I especially like the fact that you mentioned loving the men in your life (regardless of race) who protect and respect you-this is the way that it should be! I also believe it to be rather keen of you to refer to this foolish black male loyalty as “cultish” because this kind of blind loyalty has very similar characteristics to the devotion of cult members to their cult leaders.

    I’ve never heard of this Pharoh character (no big surprise there), but I plan to look him and his god up to learn the latest stratgey that DBR men are using to deflect from their poor and unmanly behavior.

  2. Anne 19 August, 2014 at 11:20 Reply

    It’s disheartening that so many black women have so thoroughly internalized sexism. That internalization keeps them from recognizing when black men don’t have their interests in heart but couch their misogyny in the language of uplifting the black race. That’s much more insidious, and therefore, dangerous than the misogyny of a man who doesn’t care to pretend. These so-called “conscious brothers” are not oblivious to the sexism that judges black women by colorism, the lyrics that degrade us, or the unique issues we deal with due to the intersection of racism and sexism. They simply don’t care, because they have a vested interest in subjugating black women for their own elevation. They are aided and abetted by female misogynists like the venomous Shahrazad Ali who hates other black women, or the mindless apologist Nomja Muhammad who never loses an opportunity to blast black women but somehow gives black men a pass.

  3. JamaicanWomanAMK 7 December, 2014 at 23:00 Reply

    As I graduated from high school and read more BWE geared blogs, I realized how correct this article is. The main reason why I left Black Nationalism was because of the sexism and misogyny in the movement. How can you be against White supremacy yet practice racism against your own women? That was what was sickening to me and made me leave the movement for good.

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