Hey Black man, don’t come into Black women’s spaces and tell us how to tend our garden when you have weeds and trash in yours. As if your opinion is relevant anyway.

You see, we all know that when Black men troll our spaces it really is a smoke screen. What it tells me is that the chickens have come home to roost. You are shaking in your boots because you finally have competition from nonBlack men. You are mad because your Black female harem is shrinking. You fear no one is going to worship your powerless and insecure self. You are worried that, that non Black brother next to you is looking pretty fine to the sistas. You are scared because that non Black man wants to make your sista his wife. You are worried that a non Black man may raise your kids and emasculate you because you weren’t man enough to do it your darn self. You are upset because you told the world Black women were nothing but b##&hs, hoes, sluts, baby mommas, hood rats and pieces of ass in your music, shows and movies just so you can have exclusive access to our uteri and resources. And guess what? Now the world sees that for the lie it is.

You see the age of “nothing but a Black man” is over! The spell is broken and your exclusive pass to Black women just got revoked. We aren’t buying your books or supporting your movies to support your colorism and your racist non Black wife. Hey Taye and Terrence! That insanity died a long brutal death when you started to disrespect the image of your Black mother and elevate everyone else in front of her. To your dismay, the world finally sees what you don’t want them to see. What you refuse to acknowledge. That Black women are nothing but amazing, desirable, loyal beautiful and loving.

Black brothers, if you are upset that Black women are dating and marrying out then step your game up homey. Tend to your garden. Address these issues. In the United States:

1. Over 30% of Black men have been in the justice system and most willingly put themselves there.

2. Over 15% of Black men are unemployed.

3. The Black community has a 50% high school dropout rate.

4. The dominance of violence, colorism, and misogynistic music and entertainment.

5. Over 70% of Black fathers do not live with their children.

6. An overwhelming majorty of Black people murdered are not murdered by the police, Zimmerman or the federal government. It’s Black men.

You see somebody lied to you. You are not the catch you thought you were. My job isn’t to coddle you. That’s your momma’s job. The truth is that Black women are the prime catch and the numbers don’t lie. I don’t care how much Black men say, “I love Black women.” Years of nonreciprocated behavior from Black men shows their lack of credibility. Instead of talking about loving us, go prove it. Partol your streets. Be a real “good Black man” i.e. Malcolm X and shut the destruction and dsyfunction down. Protect and financially invest in the Black community. And finally end the mass abandonment of Black children by Black men. If you don’t, you are full of it and are complicit in the continued victimization of Black women and children.

Let this post be a warning to you because brother you got two choices. Get on board by honoring and protecting Black women and children or get left behind. Right now I see dust because a lot of my sisters are saying bye, adios, sayōnara, ciao, cheerio, adeus, and do svidaniya!