Hey African American your Nana Lied. You Don’t have Indian in your Family.


I took a DNA test (see the results here) and the test said what I already knew. I was overwhelmingly African. Before the test results came in some members of my family insisted and were adamant that we had first Nations ancestry. This was  because of what great grandma said about her great grandma because she had straight hair.  Well let’s just say my results disappointed a few people.We have ZERO, nada, nil, none First Nations ancestry. Not even one drop.The truth is most African Americans do not either.

Did you know that African-Americans have more European ancestry than they do First Nations? According a story from The Grio, “DNA testing suggests that fewer than 10 percent of black people are of Native American ancestry.  To be exact, 5 percent of African-Americans have at least 12.5 percent Native American ancestry, meaning at least one great-grand parent.  In contrast, 58 percent of black Americans have at least 12.5 percent white ancestry.” That is less than TEN PERCENT!!!! That means at most 3.6 million out of 36 million African-Americans that have some First Nations ancestry. If someone told you that you have First Nations ancestry it means somebody in your family done lied to you.

I believe most African-Americans that do claim Pocahontas as their great-great grandma do so because no one wants to admit that, that “good hair” or light skin they worship came from a rapist. Please drop the romanticized slave and slave master relationships. Slavery was awful. Love doesn’t exist in a relationship if someone owns you. Secondly, I believe that these people could not see the beauty of Blackness. Remember these folks were just off of the slave plantation. They were conditioned to believe in their own inferiority. Sadly, these people passed these myths on to later generations including this one. So yeah that “good hair” and light skin you worship more than likely came from a rapist. So colorists enjoy your slave rape induced colorism.

Regardless of the facts, I am sure someone will insist that all of these studies and DNA test results are wrong. They always do. I insist that you take the test. Once you do, perhaps it’s time to drop the myths and embrace the beauty of your Blackness. We have a rich, original and beautiful culture with a diverse people and languages. “Now you know and knowing is half the battle.” G.I. Joe



  1. Tameko P 21 April, 2014 at 16:20 Reply

    My folks on my maternal side say the same thing! I have an aunt who looks Asian, so they might be in for a shock when I test my DNA.

  2. Ayeshah 19 June, 2014 at 08:32 Reply

    I received my results a few weeks ago and there was absolutely no Native American blood to what family members stated.

  3. Beyonce2 27 November, 2014 at 09:24 Reply

    I’m black/carib spanish. But I don’t think blacks in North America realize that Choctaw, Seminole Indians and Cherokee bought and sold slaves. Many Native American nations sided with the confederate during the civil war. Native Americans are always trying to act holier than thou, but,most of them are drunken alcoholics and poverty stricken where I live. I have dated a 6’7 native man in my past and yes he was doing well for himself, he was full Native but even he admitted that blacks and Natives have a rough history,and not a pretty one. Most white people where I live, swear they are Native American, and they love them some Native Americans perhaps because they want to appear more exotic? Who knows, but people tend to romanticize the warrior, and Native Princess thing and it’s annoying and very ignorant. You can look at these white people and tell they are not Native. White people used to call Natives black devils when the Naives began to scalp their butts and fight them back. White people went into South Africa, (the Dutch) and did unspeakable acts completely destroyed and took over. It is amazing when you start reading all the evil whites have done in the past in order to make money, and destroy people. I have some South European blood, Scottish and Arab blood, no Native and my black side is North African mixed in with tons of West African so we heard those stories too, about how we have Native blood when both sides of the family are mostly African descent, most of whom were enslaved and raped by my conquistador and Arab ancestors. The truth hurts, but most of us have blood thirsty greedy ancestors, both in and out of Africa and all throughout Europe in our genetic lines, The Natives were slaughtered from jump in the North East, it`s mostly those South Western blacks who have the majority of Native blood and they are at a small percentage there too.

  4. Chris 5 August, 2015 at 15:13 Reply

    Mine certainly came back with 7% Native American. Not only did Nana not lie, I found the records for my ancestors on the Dawes ROLLS. I think that a LOT of people in upper and coastal NC and Southwest/coastal Va. have Native ancestors. This is where the FPOC(Free Colored) descendants settled, and they are known as tri-racial isolates.

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