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Want to lose weight fast or grow your hair fast? This post or even blog ain’t for you.

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I am an in a natural hair group, and it is fine, but one thing I noticed was that several of the women have asked repetitive questions. Asking questions is fine. The problem is that they are looking for easy solutions when there aren’t any. Some of the questions include:

  • How can my hair grow? What pills should I use?
  • How can I lose weight? What body wraps should I try?
  • What products can I use to get my hair shiny, thicker or whatever?
  • What curl pattern do I have?

Why do we ask these questions knowing there are no easy solutions? We are lazy. We want the fantasy of being who we want to be while having someone else do the hard work for us. We don’t want the blood, sweat and tears. We don’t want commitment or dedication. We don’t want to put in the work. We want simple and easy. If we could lose weight in five days by smearing our own poo on our face many of us would. Heck some would eat it.

Let me save you money, time and tell you the truth. YOU MUST WORK HARD! The key to great health starts internally. If you want to your hair to grow, lose weight or make your hair healthy you must eat veggies, drink water, reduce white and fake sugar and exercise. That’s it. Oils and magic potions won’t fix it. Wearing torture devices like waist trainers and body wraps laced with caffeine that promise you, you will lose weight if you wear them won’t do it. Exercise, a change in diet and eating vitamin rich NATURAL food will.  Let not forget genetics! We were born this way and no chemical will ever change it.


Why is straight hair #1 and Black hair last? THINK!!

By the way, NO one cares about your hair damn curl pattern. I am so serious about it. We are all different. Hey DNA! What may work for one woman may not work for another. Stop listening to what a company that is financially invested in PURPOSELY labeling Black hair as 4a-4c, which is dead last on the chart while European hair is 1 (that’s racist as hell) says and go find out what your hair needs. You are blowing money for no reason! Why not ask the person who did your hair as a child? They would know. They did your ungrateful hair for an umpteenth number of years without the racist hair chart.

If you want to change your body, you must stop looking for easy and expensive solutions and change the way you eat and live. If I offended you, fine. Just get off your butt, save your money and make those hard changes. If you don’t, you never really wanted those things you asked about. You are all talk. We don’t do just talk here. We are all about solutions.

What other correct advice would you give to women?

Remember the only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. So think, be and know that you are limitless.

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