Open BBG Forum

The wait is over! Welcome to the Bougie Black Girl Forum. We are the world’s first and only closed user generated forum exclusively for Black women.

The goal of the forum is to provide a safe space where we focus solely on Black women. We promise to protect you from the harassment other social media companies won’t. That means the normal behaviors against Black women allowed on other social media sites won’t happen here. Sisters will be able to discuss everything without retaliation.

Your forum will be $9.99 per year. Your $9.99 will cover the costs the maintenance and weed out those who are not serious and the trolls.

What do you get from your forum? Exclusive content, benefits and opportunities very few forums promise to offer. We provide safe spaces, a sisterhood of like-minded Black women who will support each other and online training and webinars that will help meet your goals. Some of the content includes money management, how to write a kick-ass resume, safety & leadership training and lessons specifically tailored for Black women. Those are just a few.

If you are ready to change your life and the lives of millions of Black women and girls all around the world, join this forum. No, join OUR forum. Invite other sisters too. Are you ready to have a safe space owned and operated by Black women, for Black women? If you are, welcome home, come on in and start the conversation.