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How someone stole our debit card data after paying an AT&T bill and used it to buy $500 in products at an AT&T Store

  On Friday December 20, 2013, my husband paid my U-verse (AT&T) bill via phone with an AT&T customer service representative. Well within 15 minutes

December 27, 2013 News You May Not Know About
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I am not Trayvon Martin: The Black Media Ignores Black Women Victims

Dear Black media why are Black males deaths more worthy of coverage than Black females? Aren’t all acts of violence equally egregious? Do Black women

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An open letter to cashiers who lick their fingers while handling money

Dear Cashier People, I dont want to offend ya’ll because you guys are doing a great job but stop licking your fingers when you open

“It’s Funny How Money Change a Situation.” Lauryn Hill sentenced to three months in prison.

Wow. Today, singer, rapper, song writer, actress and mother of six children, Lauryn Hill was sentenced to three months in prison and three months home

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Lil Wayne has worries: Pepsico Drops Lil Wayne after disrespectful lyric about Emmett Till

The chickens are coming home to roost. Yes you heard that right. Pepsico dropped Lil Wayne. What caused Pepsico to drop Lil Wayne after years

Lil Wayne disrespects the murder of 14 year old boy Emmett Till and his fans will still support him **UPDATED**

I really dislike commenting on these issues but when is enough, enough? Lil Wayne is a disgrace. We all know this but you know what?

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An apology and a call for civility

Hello all, Some of you follow me on Twitter and may have witnessed an unfortunate incident this morning. I will not go into detail because

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Meet Queen Mother Ejisu Yaa Asantewaa. The Black Queen Who Fought British Colonization.

Yaa Asantewaa, Queen Mother of the Ejisu of the Ashanti Empire 1840 – October 17, 1921 “Now I have seen that some of you fear to

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Now you can play runaway slave with Django Unchained action figures!!!

For just $24.00 each or for $224.00 for all ten dolls you can play runaway slave, uncle tom, white side kick, slave owner and others with

January 06, 2013 News You May Not Know About
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My rant: Black people are not the Borg.

This issue has bothered me for god knows how long. Black people are not the borg (Star Trek reference). For some reason people believe that Black

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