The caption says “How do your dark clothes make you feel? Woolite Darks keeps them vibrant for over 30 washes. #fortheloveofdarks” Yes Woolite did this. It’s not fake. It is real.

woolite big

Woolite you might want to take this down from Facebook. Last I checked, it isn’t a good thing to compare a dark skin human being to a commodity you are selling. Being a Black woman whose ancestors were enslaved it was never a good thing. NOPE. I can’t think of a good reason. I am trying really hard. It just never ever, ever ends up well.

This is what happens when companies do not have diversity or perhaps they are trolling for likes, clicks and shares at the expense of commoditizing Blackness. If they are, someone would have told them, considering our history; this was all kinds of wrong and with the $1.1 trillion Black buying power it can be economically painful.

If you think this is wrong or even agree with it contact Woolite on their


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