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Calling all online content creators ! Want to reach over 33,000 people for free? Read this post!

  A lot of folks are rightly freaking out over Melissa Harris-Perry’s untimely, but expected departure from MSNBC. Read the spilled white-hot and I mean

March 01, 2016 Career and Business
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Boycotted the Oscars? Check out Chris Rock’s “controversial” monologue here and see what I think!

  Yesterday I did my good deed of the day and watched the beginning of the Oscars so you didn’t have to. To be honest

February 29, 2016 Culture

Unknown Black history: Mary Jane Patterson, the 1st African American woman with a Bachelor’s degree

  Mary Jane Patterson was born a slave on September 12, 1840? in Raleigh, North Carolina. Possibly fugitive slaves, her parents, Henry Irving and Emeline


This ain’t Gina b*tch! Check out Tisha Campbell Martin’s new trap music song ‘Lazy B*tch!’

  Chile, who knew Gina I mean Tisha Campbell Martin did trap music? We know she can act and sing, but trap music? YEESSSS she’s

February 24, 2016 Culture

Check out SNL’s hilarious skit ‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black!’ NSFWP: Contains White Tears

  In case you missed it, check out Saturday Night Live’s hilarious take on Beyoncé’s new Formation video. All I have to say is the

February 14, 2016 Culture

Y’all are going to hate me, but Beyoncé’s glorification of the Black Panthers is antiBlack woman

    Warning: Y’all are going to hate me and it is OK. I just have a different opinion and that’s OK too.   A

February 08, 2016 Uncategorized

A White Man is Playing Michael Jackson. Bah ha ha ha! Look at God!

According to The Grio, there’s a White man playing Michael Jackson in a British TV movie. “In an unexpected turn of events that has left

January 27, 2016 Culture

Jada Pinkett Smith calls on Black actors to boycott the Oscars. Aunt Viv says they’re suspect & show us the receipts!

Everyone knows not one person of color, not even the damn seats got nominated for an Oscar this year. As a result, Jada Pinkett Smith

January 18, 2016 Culture
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Shattered innocence: My house was robbed!

I know this is different from my posts, but I felt like I needed to write and this is what came out. Thanks for being

January 18, 2016 Culture
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20 beauty trends that should die a quick and brutal death in 2016

  In 2015 we were hit with so many beauty trends. Some of them just got on my makeup loving nerves. If you find yourself

January 09, 2016 Health and Beauty
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