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Hillary Clinton, Donna Edwards, Kamala Harris and Pam Keith

Hillary Clinton, Donna Edwards, Kamala Harris and Pam Keith

As we all know, Hillary Clinton appeared at this year’s Black Girls Rock. Sigh. Why does it seem like Black women and girls can’t have a darn thing? SMH! As you can tell, I’m extremely disappointed. OK, I’m being way too polite. I’m fired up like scratched edges from a cheap relaxer.

You see in a year where not one, but three Black women are running for Senate  (Donna Edwards, Kamala Harris and Pam Keith) Black Girls Rock decided to invite a partisan nonBlack presidential candidate. Let’s not forget, they ignored the other candidates. What is Viacom’s agenda? Was showing up a part of the over $9 million Clinton has received from the TV and media industry? We will never know. What I do know is that BGR lost an opportunity! Imagine little Black girls seeing and being inspired by three Black women who are making history.

Since BET loves reminding us it is not Black owned, instead of complaining about Black Girls Rock on White owned BET aka Viacom, I’ve decided to get the word out. I’m putting together a list of Black women running for office this year. Check out my previous lists Forget about MAC, Urban Decay & Revlon. Here are over 70 Black Owned Hair and Cosmetic Companies you should buy from now! and It’s travel season! Here’s a list of Black owned travel and accommodation businesses that will respect you and your Black dollar!

Here is what I need you to do. If you’re a candidate or know of a candidate we’d love to feature them on this website. The political party or the seat she is running for doesn’t matter. What matter is that a Black woman is running. All we need is their name, the position they’re running for, location, political party, website and picture. The list will be up this week.

Since Black media won’t amplify Black women’s voices, we will. I need your help to help me do it. The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless.

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