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Get your holy coconut oil ready: Cursed Weaves? What kind of madness is this? Click and find out.

  Yes, you heard it right. Get your blessed coconut and shea butter oil ready. According to my local news, yes I live in the

March 02, 2016 Culture
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An open letter to those who complain about Black women’s hair and makeup

I am tired of sexist men and their women enablers complaining about hair and makeup. Here is my open letter to them. Dear sexist men

January 13, 2015 Health and Beauty
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Bougie has decided to go natural, again!

I have decided to go natural, again. Now is the perfect time. I have gone without a relaxer for a while and have let it

January 07, 2015 Health and Beauty
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My unbiased review of the Isis Collection Brown Sugar Wig BS103 for Divatress

Check out my unbiased review of the Isis Collection Brown Sugar Wig BS103 for I even provide updates. The color is in a one.

December 30, 2014 Health and Beauty
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Pam Oliver: Time to let it go

By Karen Dumas Crossposted at The recent NFL championship game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49’ers was almost completely overshadowed by

Singer Conya Doss. Image via IslandMix 14

The Case of the Hair Care Rip Off. Hair care companies I am looking at you!!!

OK I am going to get some folks mad and other folks may threaten to sue but I do not care. I am not getting

July 31, 2012 Culture, Health and Beauty
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A Message to my Sisters

At first I wanted to write this post directly to those who want to stay in our hairlines, those who want to watch our waist

May 16, 2012 Sexism, Uncategorized
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