I am tired of sexist men and their women enablers complaining about hair and makeup. Here is my open letter to them.


Dear sexist men and their women enablers complaining about Black women’s hair and makeup,

First of all have you gotten the memo? I shouldn’t have to say this, but we wear our hair the way we do because we want to. We put on makeup because we can. Do you really think we all born with rogue lipstick on and when we do take it off it is a trick? If you do, you aren’t the brightest star in the sky. Perhaps you need to sign off the net and read a biology book. You see Black women are free. We are free to be happy. Free to wear our hair and makeup as we choose. Free to love ourselves. We are free to just be.

Now that we got that out-of-the-way, we get it. Do you really think how we wear our hair or makeup is a reflection of our character? That’s madness. It is kind of like saying sagging your pants means you’re a thug? Many Black women do not feel that way about the men who sag. So why would you insinuate that about Black women?

People alter their appearance all of the time. Men wear hair plugs, calf pads, du-rags, and man weaves. They shave their heads to mask baldness and inject themselves with fake muscles. Men even lie about things they can’t change. You know; like their penis and bank account sizes. Now that’s trickery! Do me a favor and go step to them.

Ask yourself why you are so obsessed about my hair or makeup? Why do you feel so compelled to tell others what to do? Where does your insecurity and powerlessness come from? Just go get some help. The next time you want to tend to Black women’s gardens, try taking the weeds and junk out of yours.

Have a great day,

Bougie Black Girl

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