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Lil Bibby on the left. Image via Youtube.

Yes, another  lame brain crapper needs his career on  a respirator before it starts.  Chicago native Lil Bibby known for his mix tape called “Free Crack”(hm), in an interview with Houston’s Hip Hop Fix was asked about the type of women he preferred. He said, “I need light skin, redbone. We don’t need no lace fronts and dark butts. We don’t mess with that.”

I’ll give this Lil Bibby credit, he isn’t the brightest star in the sky but at least he is honest about being a self hating, colorist and antiBlack woman coon. The rest of you are cowards. This is the stupid ass your kids and ignorant ass grown folks listen to. Any Black woman with an inch of self-esteem shouldn’t give these self hating negros their money or even say their name in the mirror three times.

Ever ask yourself why they say these things in public? They say these things is because they have NEVER been held accountable. They won’t step to gays and they definitely won’t disrespect Whites or other Black men because those groups will destroy them but Black women are fair game. I blame Black people for that. We don’t punish them. We reward them for their colorism and misogynoir. What can you do? I don’t believe in marching or petitions. I believe in leaving a negro broke. Don’t buy his stuff.

Black Men in the Entertainment Industry who have dissed Black Women that Black Women still support!!!(((WARNING: Laced with madness, the stupid, profanity, and hella colorism)))

Part Deuce: Black Men in the Entertainment Industry Who Have Dissed Black Women That Black Women Still Support

Kevin Hart is telling Black women he will dis you but everyone else is off limits. So what are you going to do?

So keep on supporting the Kanye’s, the Lil Wayne’s and all these Black hating SOB’s. I won’t and any Black person that does is cosigning this behavior.  The truth is deep down is that many of y’all hate Black women that includes Black women.  At least the rappers, actors, comedians and others have the guts to say so.

Watch this dumb ass in action below.