Lawd, the holidays are coming and that can only mean one thing. Expanding waistlines, credit lines and debt, debt, debt, debt! I understand why we do it. We want the best for our loved ones so we go above and beyond while putting ourselves in a financial hole. We pay it off in six to eight months only to get right back into debt during the next holiday season. It is an endless cycle of debt and you’re being ripped off.  Look, you don’t have to go into debt for the holidays. You have options. Why not get a seasonal job? Here are 15 companies hiring today.

Amazon is hiring 100,000 people for the holiday season. Jobs are mostly in their fulfillment and sortation centers. (Distribution)

Belk is hiring over 5,000 employees. Positions include operations, order fulfillment, fitting room attendant and freight processing (Retail and Distribution)

Bon-Ton Stores Inc is hiring 13,000 people

FedEx is hiring more than 50,000 seasonal workers. (Shipping)

Gamestop will hire over 20,000 employees (Retail)

Kohl’s is hiring 60,000 people nationwide. Jobs include, cashier and customer service representative. (Retail)

J.C. Penney will hire over 30,000 seasonal employees. (Retail)

Macy’s will hire 80,000 seasonal employees this year. (Retail)

Target is hiring 70,000 people (Retail)

Nordstrom will hire 11,000 seasonal employees (Retail)

Sports Authority will hire 3,000 people this holiday season (Retail)

ToysRUs is hiring 40,000 people (Retail)

Even the USPS (United States Postal Service) is hiring seasonal workers. October 27, 2015 is the last day to apply. USPS seasonal jobs are from November to January.

UPS will hire 90,000 seasonal employees nationwide. (Shipping)

Wal-Mart (I know their politics. This is about jobs) is hiring 60,000 people this holiday season. Jobs include management positions. (Retail)

You can always start a seasonal home business too. Check out my ideas.

If you aren’t looking for a seasonal job, consider forwarding this post to someone who is. The only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think and be limitless. Thank you for reading.

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