bbg history

Because of the recent attacks on Facebook aimed at shutting down Black women focused pages including our Bougie Black Girl page, I have decided to take some great advice from my wonderful Black women sister bloggers and readers.  We would like to create the world’s first and only closed user-generated forum exclusively for Black women. Yes, only for Black women. It is ours!

The goal of the forum is to be a safe space where we focus solely on Black women’s issues and create and make strategies to improve the lives of Black women. That means the normal caping, muling, humiliation, trolling and misogynoir against Black women allowed on other social media sites won’t happen on our forum.  Sisters will be able to discuss everything and I mean everything including nonPC issues with complete anonymity and without fear of the retaliation that we receive on other social media sites. The thing is that  is we need your help to create it.

If you are ready to change your life and the lives of millions of Black women  and girls all around the world help us build this forum. No, help us build our forum.  The awesome thing about the forum is that one will shut us down, threaten or have power over us because this space is ours.  Look, we’ve been caring for everyone else so it is time we must become our sister’s keepers. Any amount will do.  Donate at The question is are you ready to have safe space owned and operated by Black women for Black women? I am. I am so excited so let’s get started.