Casket sharp

Chile every day and I mean every day I see people posting makeup pics with that awful flashback.  What’s flashback? It is that ashy and horrific look when people take pics with flash. Flashback is great, if you want to look ashy, damn near dead, like you went on white powder drug binge and/or casket sharp.

If you’ve made this mistake, it is OK. Even your favorite celebrities and makeup gurus have gone through it. I have too LOL! See, you are not alone.

So what causes flashback? Three things cause flashback in makeup:

Silica (amorphous)

HD products

SPF (Sunscreen)

You can find these items in your favorite foundations, concealers and powders. Why should you avoid these products? These chemicals aren’t flash friendly because of how the flash’s light bounces off these products. As we all know, lighting can kill or make a picture look killer. The thing is we don’t want to look like we are dead or went on an unmentionable white powder drug binge.

How can you tell if these items are in your makeup? Read the packaging! Products with Silica, SPF and some HD products weren’t made to be photographed. Two well known flash friendly HD products used by pro makeup artists are Graftobian and Cinema Secrets (affiliate links). Most HD products are now being made to be worn by ordinary  people for every day use.

Bougie Tip: OK I have a pet peeve! If you are a woman of color stop using translucent powder and start using powder with color. We aren’t translucent. Translucent looks ashy on our skin.

Don’t fret ya’ll. WE have choices. Have one set of foundations, concealers and powders when you aren’t being photographed and have another set for when are. I would buy cheaper makeup without silica, HD products and SPF because most of us don’t get photographed often and of course you need SPF to protect your skin from the sun. OK some of y’all do get photographed a lot, you’re the exception to the rule, but most of us don’t. My advice for you to be smart with your makeup choices and of course, have fun doing it.

Know you know and knowing is half the battle.” G.I. Joe

Let me know what you think. Do you have any makeup tips? By the way here is a list over 100 ( I know the title says 70) Black owned companies.

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