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I have had many people ask me, “why do you post about colorism and intra-racism?”  They have told me that they didn’t want to hear about it. Many want to pretend like it doesn’t exist. It does exist and it affects every aspect of our lives whether you like it or not. Or they want me to just focus on fighting the “man.” Well, you are the man. You are the one committing the oppression against your people. How? Look here! This isn’t a thing of the past. It is happening right now whether you acknowledge it or not.

How in the world can anyone talk about white supremacy within the white main stream when you are unwilling to confront white supremacy, sexism, homophobia and intolerance within the Black community? Just look at Black media. Look at the images objectively. When the non-Black or half Black (take your pick) female rapper, with the on again off again British accent, Nicki Minaj can go Don Imus on another Black female without any repercussion, or blatantly use racism to promote white supremacy here  and here  and still get support something is inherently wrong.When millions of Black women can support people who have told them and shown them that they hate them here and here something is wrong.

People skin bleach for a reason. People say colorist things for a reason. People hate and mask their Black features for a reason. They do these things because they hate themselves. They despise their Blackness. Some are blatant about it, others let it metastasize and for most it is unknowingly incubating like a parasite inside waiting for the right moment to be flushed out. These are products of colorism and intraracism.

Albert Haynesworth, NFL Football Player. Image via CNN

“She’s just upset I have a White girlfriend. I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated a Black girl… I don’t even like Black girls.” ~ source Essence

For me it is like ignoring a cancer. Like cancer, colorism and intra-racism makes a community sick and if left untreated it will spread and eventually kill you. It will drive you into extinction. The sad thing is that many are willing to do it.

I am a mother, an aunt, a sister, and daughter of Black people. I am the daughter of an Afro-Caribbean woman and a Black American man. I am the granddaughter of a woman from Arkansas and a grandfather from Alabama. I am the granddaughter of immigrant woman from St. Kitts and a grandfather who emigrated from Cuba to Jamaica. I am the great granddaughter of sharecroppers and slaves. I am the ancestor of ancient people whose 40,000 year old DNA burns within me. After all that, you still want to ask me why? I am protecting my people and their legacy. You should be asking yourself why not.