Random Black lady endorses Bernie Sanders for President. Here’s why

Disclaimer for my readers: You know I’ve never endorsed a candidate. I hate politics with the heat of 1,000 white hot suns, but if the mainstream media, celebrities and people who sell weight lost teas on Instagram can, I can too. Look, I’m just mom, wife, your friend, veteran and Black lady who’s very worried about the direction this country is going in.

In case you’re concerned, I will not turn our (BBG) space into a political site. I will continue to write how Black women should explore ALL of their political options including ones I disagree with. We at BBG support Black women running for office and all of their political choices, regardless of party.  That’s how we do it here. This post is my own opinion and in no way expresses the thoughts of my followers, friends or contributors of BBG. 

I’m not famous or wealthy. I don’t have access to the movers and shakers of the world. I’m just someone who writes because I love writing. I promised myself that I would quit politics after over 10 years years of political experience and I just couldn’t. Yes, “just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” One more thing! Please ignore my grammatical errors. I don’t have a fancy editor and I’m a product of the Giuliani public school system. Yes y’all, I had to throw that in there. So here’s who I’m supporting for president.

There was a time when someone said we could fly. Doubters said we couldn’t and did we did.

There was a time when someone said we would go to the moon. Doubters said we couldn’t and we did.

We built roads, bridges and sky scrapers. We cured diseases. We invented cars and this thing called the internet super highway. And when we stood together; we started a nation, freed the enslaved, torn down walls and said love is love. And when we were attacked, we came together and defeated evil tyrants. Let’s not forget that those were once big ideas. They were impossible ideas. And now they’re big and impossible ideas that have changed our world.

Today we have people saying universal healthcare for all is impossible. Universal education can’t happen while nations around the world are already doing both. They say liberty and justice for all, is only for those who can afford it and peace can only happen by dropping bombs. We’ve seceded our American spirit; our heart and our soul to the big money interests who are invested in our despair, complacency and defeat. A defeated America? That’s not the America I grew up in.

I sincerely want to know when we became a nation of settlers and quitters? When did we become a nation where thousands were poisoned and corporations brought the world’s economy to its knees and no one went to jail? When did we become a nation where strip malls full of stuff made by child laborers were more important than preserving our only home; earth? When did we become a nation where to get out of poverty, millions have to go into debt and even more poverty, to get an education? When did we become a nation where corporations were more important than “we the people” and those corporations decided who we should vote for and what we should believe? When did we become a prison nation? Our prisons are filled with our mentally ill, drug users and innocent family members for profit. There was a time when we believed and knew that if you worked hard and tried your best you could be or do anything. When did we become a nation where the possible is impossible? When did we become hopeless? When did we become a nation of pessimists who are hell-bent on mocking the idealists? When did we compromise the basic American value of “yes we can” and become a nation of no we can’t?

There was a time when the world laughed at our American naiveté, unique spirit and bold innovations. What did we do? We dreamt big, ignored them, just did the damn thing and proved them wrong. It’s almost like we’ve forgotten who we really are. So let me remind you.

We’re a nation of native people and immigrants from every corner of the globe. We’re a nation of muckrakers, entrepreneurs, free thinkers, scientists, engineers, teachers, care takers, creatives and humanitarians. We’re a nation where diverse minds, cultures and people are truly American. I believe in that America. I believe in the America of builders, innovators and creators. I believe in an America of go-getters, hard workers, and achievers. I still believe in a fair and just nation that promises “all men are created equal” and “liberty and justice for all.” I want to live in and leave that America to our children and our children’s children. Do you?  Let’s be who we really are. This why I am supporting a good man. A just man!  A fair man! A man who has been right on every important issue since the day he took his oath as a Congressman and now as the Senator from Vermont. A man who believes that a united America can truly do great things. I’m supporting Bernie Sanders and I hope you do too.

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  1. Jim McGuiness 18 April, 2016 at 13:02 Reply


    In the above it was asked when did “yes we can” turn to “no we can’t”. Bernie is politically unable to be frank about the “billionaires” he wants to dis-empower over us. He can’t say that at the top of that heap are a few megalomaniacs who are more addicted to meddling power than they are addicted to the money they monopolize so we can’t get any to create our own bit of economy to raise ourselves and our families. But there are. Billionaires, like everyone else, are unique human beings. And that can make them change agents for good, bad or indifference. Unfortunately, the ones who, as siblings, make the most combined money are the most addicted to power. They are sons of a man who helped Hitler industrialize the oil needed for a second run at global conquest–and he lived through the first World War and knew that he was aiding the most prejudiced white regime to have another go. My dad lost two brother shot five days apart in France because of that “go”, and these two brothers who are trying to own America and shape it before they age and die have produced slick productions of their vision for America. There are no black or brown faces. In fact, and IRL, that have the blood of black Americans on their hands. Go to bravenewfilms.com and watch the short documentary which shows that they built chemical plants in the US which knowingly vent cancer-causing toxins into the local eco-systems into small waterways that go through rural and suburban African American enclaves. Many have died from exotic cancers that people just don’t get–young men and women in the prime of life. These men are at the apex of the handful of billionaires Benie Sanders wants to put in their place. Hillary is more concerned with the legacy of herself and her husband. She doesn’t talk about reining in power from sick nuts who inherited Nazi money made off slave labor of starving Jews. These guys want a white America and we must hug each other close across all divides to stop this menace–the president is the last office we have between these monsters fulfilling their takeover as they have both chamber of Congress and Governor after Governor taking away voting rights with voter ID. Take someone who is not as passionate as you to the polls. It adds up. I pray it’s Bernie that emerges but if not, then Hillary–a republican will be another fiasco and like last time hundreds of thousands of people will lose their lives in one bad theater of activity or another. Love and hope, Jim

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