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Black women and girls killed by the police. Speak their names, see their faces and know their stories.

    There is this false myth going around that Black women are not victims of law enforcement. I believe the myth exists because quite frankly

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Get Your Malcolm X with a cameo appearance from Martin Luther King Jr. prepaid Mastercard/Visa cards

H/T La Femme Negrita Now you can get your own Malcolm X  or Malcolm X with a cameo appearance from Martin Luther King Jr. prepaid Mastercard/Visa.

February 23, 2015 Culture
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Black women stop begging acceptance: Some are still surprised by Patricia Arquette’s and John Legend’s Oscar speeches.

Last night at the Oscars, Patricia Arquette and John Legend made acceptance speeches that solely focused on their interests. Some Black women are upset. Patricia Arquette focused

February 23, 2015 Culture
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Iggy Azalea Quits Social Media and I am Glad: Here are several social media lessons we can all learn from it

  After years of racist, bigoted and controversial statements, losing feuds with rappers (here and here) and even Papa John’s, the Australian entertainer,Iggy Azalea, decided

February 19, 2015 Culture
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This Week In Hotep History: Y’all been lied to. John Hanson was the first President and he was Black!

First of all, Happy Black History Month, but every day is Black History Month at Bougie Black Girl. Because it is Black History Month, I

Hi I am Lakisha. Apparently to some my name means I hood, ghetto, etc. 10

The burden of African-American names: Hi my name is Lakisha. I love my name. Apparently, America does not.

Today I read, “Your Name Says More About You Than You Think” in The story shared by the young women in the article is the story

February 11, 2015 Culture
Ledisi and Beyonce on Grammy night. 19

Five business savvy things you can learn from Ledisi’s and Beyoncé’s Grammy Non-Performance Performance (Video)

Darn near everyone already knows that Beyoncé sang “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” at the Grammy Awards. It was the beautifully sung song by Ledisi,

February 09, 2015 Career and Business, Culture
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So folks want to protest Empire! Wait What?

There are petitions circulating and social media pages in the land of Hotep that who want to you to boycott Empire. Why protest Empire? Their

February 05, 2015 Culture
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Can’t figure out a college major? Before you commit years of involuntary servitude to Aunt Sallie Mae read this post first

Parents, students, and countrymen lend me your ears or in this case your eyes and common sense! First of all congrats on deciding to further

February 04, 2015 Career and Business
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Struggle doesn’t have to be option: I am not celebrating the man who walked 21 miles to work

I am sure you have heard about James Robertson. According to the Detroit Free Press, Leaving home in Detroit at 8 a.m., James Robertson doesn’t

February 03, 2015 Culture
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Why I don’t give a damn about people who don’t know who Missy Elliot is. (With Super Bowl Performance Video)

Last night at my family’s Super Bowl party, sans the alcohol and surrounded by non-football fans, I had the privilege of watching the half-time show.

February 02, 2015 Culture
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