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Black women and girls killed by the police. Speak their names, see their faces and know their stories.

    There is this false myth going around that Black women are not victims of law enforcement. I believe the myth exists because quite frankly

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Dear White folks who are mad at Michelle Obama for saying Black Girls Rock

Dear White folks who are mad at Michelle Obama for saying Black Girls Rock, I think I know why you are mad. You are not

March 31, 2015 Culture
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Why no employee should never ever, ever friend a manager/employer on social media

I know this is common sense, but it needs be said. So what’s wrong with friending your manager/employer on social media? Ay dios mio! There

March 30, 2015 Career and Business
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It’s travel season! Here’s a list of Black owned travel and accommodation businesses that will respect you and your Black dollar!

The weather is warm, the sun is shining, the kids are out of school and it is travel season again! Every year we pack up

March 17, 2015 Culture
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Valuable and raw business and life lessons from entrepreneur Dame Dash (NSFW)

In case you don’t know who Dame Dash is, he is a brilliant businessman and mogul. He went from the streets to owning various companies

March 13, 2015 Career and Business
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Three things can you learn from the NFL’s most savvy businessman, Darrelle Revis and win!

I usually don’t talk about sports because no one is ever right (except my New York teams), but I think this post is  relevant and

March 11, 2015 Career and Business
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Five things Black women must do to stop feeling under qualified and be confident

Have you noticed that some Black women are eager to believe they are under qualified, while men with even fewer qualifications do not? Why do

March 10, 2015 Career and Business
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Desoto, TX is a haven for affluent African-Americans. Now they have to keep it that way!

H/T reader Kay M. According to’s article, Since 2000-2010, there’s been a large migration of African-Americans to North Texas,” Sherman said. “In fact we’re the

March 04, 2015 Culture
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Seven free websites that will help Black women move to the city of their dreams! (U.S. cities)

If you are a Black woman in the United States looking to move, it is important that you find a city where you will thrive

March 03, 2015 Career and Business
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Get Your Malcolm X with a cameo appearance from Martin Luther King Jr. prepaid Mastercard/Visa cards

H/T La Femme Negrita Now you can get your own Malcolm X  or Malcolm X with a cameo appearance from Martin Luther King Jr. prepaid Mastercard/Visa.

February 23, 2015 Culture
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Black women stop begging acceptance: Some are still surprised by Patricia Arquette’s and John Legend’s Oscar speeches.

Last night at the Oscars, Patricia Arquette and John Legend made acceptance speeches that solely focused on their interests. Some Black women are upset. Patricia Arquette focused

February 23, 2015 Culture
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