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Forget about MAC, Urban Decay & Revlon. Here are over 70 Black Owned Hair and Cosmetic Companies you should buy from now!

Why Buy Black? Because there was a tremendous response to both of the Buy Black Today: Here’s a list of over 20 Black owned online fashion

June 27, 2015 Career and Business
Mode and Tonic (Clothing) 53

Buy Black Today: Here’s a list of over 20 Black owned online fashion and beauty businesses.

Forget Amazon, Macy’s & MAC! Here are over 20 Black owned online fashion & beauty businesses you should buy from now! Why Buy Black? There

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Fort Walton, FL 12

It’s travel season! Here’s a list of Black owned travel and accommodation businesses that will respect you and your Black dollar!

The weather is warm, the sun is shining, the kids are out of school and it is travel season again! Every year we pack up

March 17, 2015 Culture
BW & girls 44

Black women and girls killed by the police. Speak their names, see their faces and know their stories.

    There is this false myth going around that Black women are not victims of law enforcement. I believe the myth exists because quite frankly

Sara 3

Dear Jacka***s, This is NOT Harriet Tubman!

Dear Jackasses, I know the schools teach to the test and you probably didn’t pay attention at your school’s annual Black month history play, but

May 01, 2016 Culture
ct-southside-with-you-sundance-debut-20160124 0

Check out the trailer for John Legend’s movie “Southside With You” based on the Obama’s first date!

“Southside With You” is based on the Obama’s first date and stars Parker Sawyers as Barack Obama and Tika Sumpter as Michelle Obama. It looks beautiful.

April 29, 2016 Culture
Quicksandwarning 3

What’s it like to grow up and live in poverty.

Millions of Americans are born into poverty. They’re your friends, family, employees, the people you say hi to every day, the folks who make your

April 29, 2016 Culture
gabby union 5

Black people age slower than less melanated #ffffff people. Here’s how to keep it that way.

Look at Gabriel Union. She’s the Patron Saint of Agelessness and Perpetual Slaying. Can you believe she is in her 40’s? If you’re Black, this

April 23, 2016 Health and Beauty
Prince_at_Coachella 4

Why We Cry When Celebrities Die

    This has been a horrible year for the creative world. It seems like 2016 is the year of perpetual mourning. We lost a

April 21, 2016 Culture
bernie_4 1

Random Black lady endorses Bernie Sanders for President. Here’s why

Disclaimer for my readers: You know I’ve never endorsed a candidate. I hate politics with the heat of 1,000 white hot suns, but if the

April 16, 2016 Politics
Image via wavuti.com 4

Unsolicited Advice: Should a woman judge a potential partner?

    Dear Black women, Here is some unsolicited advice. Heck to the yes! YOU BETTA JUDGE! When it comes to any partner, women, especially

April 06, 2016 Colorism
janet 1

OMG! Janet Jackson drops a bombshell about her tour. Watch the announcement here.

To plan a family. Congrats Mrs. Jackson!!   A message from Janet…https://t.co/KrzYZ4eyvD — Janet Jackson (@JanetJackson) April 6, 2016 Janet Jackson: Hey guys. On August

April 06, 2016 Culture
Hillary Clinton, Donna Edwards, Kamala Harris and Pam Keith 11

Black women can’t have anything! Hillary Clinton appeared on Black Girls Rock!

As we all know, Hillary Clinton appeared at this year’s Black Girls Rock. Sigh. Why does it seem like Black women and girls can’t have

April 03, 2016 Politics
Screenshot 2016-03-29 at 5.08.42 PM - Edited 5

Twitter call-out culture becomes real! Black Woman tells White man he can’t have dreads!

Yes you read that right. The Twitter call-out culture has come to real life. You see Twitter loves to call-out appropriation. They will destroy your

March 29, 2016 Culture
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