I usually don’t talk about sports because no one is ever right (except my New York teams), but I think this post is  relevant and can improve our lives. First, let me say I am biased because I am a long-suffering New York Jets fan. But I am happy to see someone against all odds with incredible negot

Win like Darrelle Revis: 3 things you can learn from the NFL’s most savvy businessman and win

iating skills win.
 Last night when I found out Darrelle Revis resigned with the Jets I spoke to my sons about it. They were amazed that they could do the same thing in their lives. Using the examples below, I hope you can use Revis’ example to improve your life.
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Darrelle Revis, Cornerback

Call him a mercenary or a journeyman. I call Darrelle Revis one of the savviest and brilliant businessmen in the NFL business. In case you don’t know, Darrelle Revis is one of the best Cornerbacks in the NFL. He just signed a contract that made him one the highest paid people in football.

If you watch football you’d know, like most employers, the NFL owners have all the power. Players are treated like commodities. Players constantly have their pay cut by teams in order pay other players because of the NFL’s salary cap. At any time players can be traded without notice and are mercilessly cut from a team. Darrelle Revis has just shown players how they could leverage their power and win. He did it on his terms. Here are a few things we can all learn from Darrelle Revis.

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Know your worth. In this pass happy league, he knows that a talent like his is rare. Revis has been the best corner in the league for years. While fans were upset with him restructuring his contract, what they failed to realize was that he knew his worth. NFL careers are short and team owners have the advantage. Because of this, he demanded to get paid. He didn’t demand to restructure his earlier contracts out of the blue. There were times when he was asked to take less and he did. However, every time he decided to restructure his contracts for more pay, the year before he proved he was the top cornerback in the league. What can you do?

  • Take a look at trends.
  • Use that information to acquire rare and in demand skills that can leverage your worth.
  • Next, be the best at what you do and finally know your worth.

Remember, if you have sought after skills and are the best at what you do, you deserve to be paid what you are worth.

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Revis thinks like an NFL team owner and will fire an employer for a better offer. Season after season, we admire football players who put their bodies on the line and deal with a lifetime of injury. After all that sacrifice, these teams will ruthlessly cut players in a heartbeat. We’ve seen this happen to our favorite players. After all, the NFL is a business and owners will remind players of that fact. Revis does this to teams. He knows the NFL is a business. A recent example is even though he won a ring with the Patriots, he realized he could get more as a Jet and he left. What can you learn?

  • This isn’t our grandpa’s job market.
  • Companies will lay you off in a heartbeat so be loyal yourself.
  • If you are not happy with your situation or an employer refuses to give you what you deserve, move on to something better.

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Revis controls his destiny. Because he is one of the best corners in the league, he could go anywhere he wanted. He came back home to the New York Jets. What can you do? Because you know your worth and think like an owner, you can control your control your destiny. All you have to do is try.

I am so happy for him. He took on the NFL behemoth and won. You can do the same in your career. Again, all you have to do is put forth the effort and believe in yourself. Remember he only limit you have is the one you have placed on yourself. Think, know and be limitless.

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