If you are the parents of Black, Latino, First Nations or mixed race especially Black children you need to tell them the truth. Love will not conquer all  and colorblindness does not exist. Those are hurtful lies to tell your kids. People do see color. That is why systemic racism still exists. It’s why a White felon with a diploma has the same chance of landing a job as a Black man with the same qualifications without a criminal record. It is why Black women make 64 cents for every White man’s dollar. It is why a majority of people on welfare and commit crimes are White, but the public wrongly believes it is people of color. In this post, I am going to tell you things that you may not want to hear but as a mother I have to tell you the truth. If I don’t, I am failing your child, and I am failing you. It is your responsibility to prepare them for what is out there. You won’t always be there to protect them. Telling our babies, the truth about racism may be the difference between your child’s success and failures and between life and death.


Parents here are some general things you should tell them:
  • You can’t get away with what your White friends, family, and counterparts do. Minority children are punished harsher than Whites in school and within the criminal justice system for the same act.
  • Black and Brown kids must be twice as good to get half as much.
  • If a Black, First Nation, Latino or mixed race child sags their pants, they are labeled a thug. Whites who sag are edgy.
  • If a Black, First Nation, Latino or mixed race person goes against Eurocentric societal norms by using slang, wearing your hair a certain way or even dressing a certain way you are hood or ghetto. If a White person does it once again, they are seen as edgy. Even people of color have these racist White supremacists mindsets where everything Black is labeled “ghetto.”.
  • People will try to touch your hair and your skin because they believe it is their right due to White supremacy. They mask their invading your space and body by calling it curiosity.
  • If you call out racism in any arena such as work, school, in a business or even in the street every social media post and picture will be used against you.
  • Both Blacks and nonBlacks believe that the higher amount of melanin you have in your skin the less of a feminine you are.
  • Both Blacks and nonBlacks believe afro textured hair is “bad hair.”
  • Your lighter child has more advantages compared to your dark skin child.

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Tactics by racists that will occur when  you or your children attempt to call out racism:
  1. The racist will claim ignorance.
  2. They will turn themselves into the victim, deflect and call you a racist for bringing up the racist’s racism.
  3. They will try to shut down your claims by telling you racism would go away if you stop talking about it.
  4.  They will accuse you of pulling the “race card.”
  5. They will fall back on racist false stereotypes to justify their views and claim that their opinions are facts.
  6. Unsympathetic Whites and minorities will be upset at you for not understanding the racist’s ignorance and making the racist look and feel bad.
  7. You become the bad person.

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Now that Jim Crow is against the law racists have found new and sophisticated ways of promoting racism against your children.
  • “All skin folk ain’t kin folk.” There is a small proportion of Blacks, Latinos, Asians and First Nations people who agree with and are invested in upholding White supremacy.
  • Those same people are paid to make racist statements in media and provide political cover on the behalf of those who are the primary beneficiaries of White supremacy.
  • When people say, they are tired of “political correctness” it means they want to call you an “n” or other words to flaunt the false notion of White supremacy. They are upset that those words are no longer acceptable in modern society.
  • When Black, Latino or mixed raced people are called “thugs” it is White speak for the “n” word.
    Even though no one is infringing on their right to vote, being enslaved or there are no separate but equal facilities for Whites they will claim that systemic reverse racism now exists because of gains made by people of color.
  • They will claim affirmative action is reverse racism, even though, the primary beneficiaries are White women, and that means Whites as a community benefit from it too.
  • If you have a Black, First Nations or Latino sounding name some companies may not hire you.
    Even if you have a Eurocentric name companies can tell if you are Black, First Nations or Latino by the zip code on your resume.
  • When the issues of race and crime intertwine, the immediate fallback response is to point to Black on Black crimes as if it a justification of an incident or to deflect the fact that an injustice occurred.

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