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Via Fire Fitness Coach: I was that THICK CHICK!! I was that “THICK” chick that just knew that I was the hottest thing going. I said the things like, “men love it”, “I’m

May 08, 2012 Health and Beauty

Oprah Doesn’t Know Everything via The Huffington Post

As I stepped from the podium, a young Black woman approached. “Thank you so much for helping me to remember that I’m not alone.” Her

May 03, 2012 Uncategorized
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Bougie doesn’t give a darn who you date Black man!

Release the Kraken!! It is summer and guess what? We once again are going to be flooded with articles on how Black women are supposed

May 03, 2012 Colorism, Sexism
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Jesus Save My Baby Hairs: A Natural Hair Rant

Jesus Save My Baby Hairs: A Natural Hair Rant By La Femma Negrita Hello, my name is La Femme Negrita and I am a natural

April 29, 2012 Culture, Health and Beauty

Sandra Rose destroys Toure on twitter and Bougie is intrigued

Maybe because my Knicks and the Yankees lost, the Rangers won, and the NFL draft was over I was intriguied by this. Look,  I am

April 28, 2012 Uncategorized

Who is female Hip-Hop? Is she dead?

Who is female Hip-Hop? Is she dead? By La Femma Negrita Hip-Hop was the ultimate form of storytelling but I think it’s going through a

April 25, 2012 Uncategorized

Why do I focus on Colorism and Intra-racism? The question I am asking is why are you willing to ignore it?

I have had many people ask me, “why do you post about colorism and intra-racism?”  They have told me that they didn’t want to hear

April 24, 2012 Colorism
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We are all Black but you as a light skin person are benefiting from light skin privilege.

Colorism:”is a practice of discrimination by which those with lighter skin are treated more favorably than those with darker skin. In the African-American community, this

April 23, 2012 Colorism
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Political Powerhouses, Black Female First and much more

From the Archives: Political Powerhouses in Vogue Three black women, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, First Lady Michelle Obama and Former Secretary

Via Celebrity Gossip News: Homeless mother who sent six-year-old son to better school in the wrong town jailed for five years

Isn’t it ironic that if you shoot an unarmed teen you will automatically get the benefit of the doubt by Americans who do not believe

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