As a kid growing up  in the Bronx I used to look forward to quarter waters, Italian ices, Lindens Butter Crunch Cookies, beef patties, Jolly Ranchers, Carvel Ice cream and most importantly besides playing outside was watching Kung fu flicks on channel 5 (WNYC). My heros were Brue Lee, Sergeant Slaughter and of course Hulk Hogan. Thinking about this brought back all kinds of memories and I just wanted to share some of my favorite kung fu flicks. Some will curse me out on my rankings and  we may not agree but we can debate. Enjoy!!!


10. Way of the Dragon

Written and directed by Bruce Lee.


9. House of Flying Daggers

Because it’s new and a woman kicks butt.


8. The Mystery of Chess Boxing

The fighting scenes are incredible.


7. Fist of Fury

Check out the hand action. Sweet.



6. The Mad Monkey King

When I was a kid I hated Mad Monkey King. I thought it was stupid. I appreciate it now even though the thought of a monkey king is cheesy. But we live in an era of glow in the dark vampires.


5. The Iron Fisted Monk

A monk who can kick ass. Instant classic.


4. The 36 Chamber of Shaolin

Good guy gets kicked out and helps regular folks against oppression while kicking bad guy butt. Classic.


3. The Drunken Master

This features Jackie Chan in his early days. He has been doing this for years. And who doesn’t love a poor drunk who can kick ass?


2. Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee. Need I say more.


1. The Five Deadly Venoms

Who doesn’t love a movie that showcases various styles of  kung fu. It’s a great kung fu flick.