Hi I'm BBG. (Homemade glamour shot!) She ight looking.

Hi I’m BBG. (Homemade glamour shot!) She ight looking.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kisha. K to the isha and I am Bougie Black Girl. I felt it was time to drop the anonymous picture and put a face to the words. I am a blogger, lifestyle vlogger, INTJ, I drink too much wine, exercise a lot, eat too much junk food, enjoy posting pics of shirtless sexually repressed politicians, loves politics, I stay sinning and love winning. I watch sports. Did I mention I’m old? I am an all around fun gal. I am from New York but I am on permanent vacation in Memphis, Tennessee and I love it. I still ain’t telling you how old I am! I’m just old. OK, according to Facebook I was born in 1917 so lets roll with that. (I look fabulous for being 97.)

I love writing and I love writing for you. When I write or do anything else my goal is to make the lives of others better, specifically Black women. I won’t apologize for it. They raised me. I want to make you smile, laugh, cry (in a good way) and most importantly think. It’s my purpose.

So why do I call myself Bougie Black Girl? Blame my twin sister La Femme Negrita. She called me that first and I kept it. Apparently she thinks that is what I am. It’s as simple as that.

I just want to thank you for reading my posts and supporting me as a blogger and my other projects which are one too many. You guys are the best.

Thanks again,