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I am the kind of girl who can’t turn down a free lunch. Food just tastes better when it is free.  So I am the kind of person who goes out to lunch with people for the heck of it. I don’t care how you look. If you are short, tall, or if you stink! I don’t care because the meal is free.

I always told the hubster to avoid any misconceptions. So he knew the entire time. Well guess what? Finally, after two whole years later from my last business lunch with someone of the opposite gender he told me that he did not like it. Wowza!  I thought nothing of it because I let it be known that I am married and that this was just business. The last business lunch I went on had to do with local politics. Long story. Any way the hubby didn’t see it that way. I think he sees every man as a walking set of uncontrollable hormones waiting to pounce if I give them a window of opportunity. Like he did! He also told me that people always want something. Call me naive then. I did not know. I thought the pleasure of being in my company would be enough. Just kidding! I asked several ladies I know about this topic and they happen to agree with him.

Now, before you ask,  if the shoe was on the other foot I really would not mind him doing it because I am not insecure. But that is just me. What do you think? Is it inappropriate to go out to lunch with someone other than your partner or spouse even if it is just  business related?