Treat all relationships like buying a car.

Why you may ask? We would be happier, healthier and wealthier. Unlike relationships, we don’t buy a car on impulse. We are extremely vigilant about buying a car because it will cost us money.  We research, ask opinions, and research some more. Well the truth is that relationships cost us so much more. They cost us our time. Time is something we will never get back.

When shopping for a car we know what we need. It can be a luxury car. Luxury offers us comfort and durability. Often we spot that shiny new fast sporty two door for a hot minute but with little ones, the stable and safe family car is the best option. Or we can get away with a temporary whoopty to get us back and forth. Yes, it’s unreliable and will eventually break down but it’s cheap, easy and we know it’s limitations.

Once we settle on the kind of car we need at the dealership we check the tires, look under the hood for trouble and we take it for a test drive. We check its record to make sure if it’s safe and reliable. We ask for its history to see if it has broken down in times of need or if it had any accidents. And finally we ask how much will it really cost and decide if it is worth the investment.

Do the same thing with your relationships. Ask yourself is that relationship really worth it? Does that relationship make you better? Will the relationship protect you, keep you safe and take you where you need to go? If so, carry on. If not, you have to decide if your relationship is worth salvaging, can you trade it in or is it easier to junk it? It’s up to you.

Remember a revolution always starts between two ears. Start your revolution today.