[ ə súmpshən ]
  1. something taken for granted: something that is believed to be true without proof
  2. belief without proof: the belief that something is true without having any proof
  3. act of undertaking something: the act of taking something upon yourself

Sigh. As Black women I think we have all gone through it. You know the smart ass and maybe genuine questions or statements that non black people would make or ask about Black people that would make you have the EEOC on speed dial or an appointment with a psychologist within the next hour! Smh. So I compiled a list of statements that people have said that was either racist and/or ignorant. My comments, thoughts at that moment or replies are in the double parenthesis.  I must admit most of the statements below are from so called educated people.

  1. I don’t see color. ((Yes you do. Everyone’s but your own. In fact people who claim not to see color are the biggest racist.))
  2. Why can’t we all just be Americans? Why the African part? It divides us. ((Because America constantly reminds me of it with its separate but unequal treatment and besides that I am proud to be African American.))
  3. Why do Black people have BET? ((Because you have ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and thousands of other channels on cable.))
  4. Stop using the race card. ((I will stop when you stop dealing them.))
  5. Affirmative Action is wrong. ((Except for them. You know legacy admissions which is inherently another form of race based admission because you are only allowing special preference to people in who look like you. Most institutions did not let my people in. But they let yours.))
  6. There is no such thing as White Voices on Huffington Post. ((Yes there is. It’s called Huffington Post.))
  7. All the (insert historically marginalized group) I know are… ((Who knew you knew 35% of Americans? Your FB friends must be in the millions!))
  8. Black people only voted for Obama because he is Black. ((Here is a reminder: Black Americans have voted for White presidents since we were given the right to vote. Out of the 43 times you elected a White President did you vote for Shirley Chisholm, Alan Keyes or Jessie Jackson? Nope. So who really votes by race?))
  9. Race has never been as issue for me. ((Because America has made it an issue for me. Your folks weren’t hanging on trees during the family picnic.))
  10. While attempting to grab my hair, this person asks, “Is it true that you (ya’ll know “my kind”) spend $3 million on your hair. That’s what Chris Rock said.” (No. Why would you trust a comedian who once rocked an S curl? Do you?))
  11. When are you going to lose that thing, she points to my ass. ((The moment you lose yours. While I point to her stomach.))
  12. I just love me some Madea. Don’t you? ((No!))
  13. What are you having for lunch? Chitlins? ((No, I am a vegetarian.))
  14. Only sophisticated Black people eat sushi. (WHAT???? O-o)
  15. Are you going to see The Help? You know I had help too. She was so nice and she loved our family.  ((No! I saw Corinna, Corinna, I’ll Fly Away and Gone with the Wind. Why would I want to see it again?))
  16. “Yo! What up?” ((I always reply the sky and  that Yo means “I” in Spanish.))
  17. How do you do THAT to your hair? (( I brush it!))
  18. Is that your hair? ((Is that thing yours?))
  19. Did you go to (insert name of the local historically Black) school? ((No, I am not from here. I went to a Jesuit university))
  20. I know you don’t take no mess, while she attempts to roll her eyes and neck. ((????))
  21. I am so tired of political correctness. ((When they really mean is that, “I want to say racist sh**.)
  22. When I heard this song I thought of you and proceeds to show me some Soulja Boy song. ((I don’t listen to his “music.”))
  23. When trying to hook me up with a date, they tried to hook me up with the only Black guy they knew. ((He is not my type. I prefer guys who can speak in full sentences and can read!))

So feel free to add. You probably have more!!