Good Afternoon Bougie Divas and Gentlemen!!

Whew! I am off to an amazing start.

Folks are all in a tizzy about my last blog post. Who knew that an upstart blog from a Black girl in the middle of the country could get folks all excited?  Did I wake you up from your self induced slumber? Are you finally taking your head out of the sand? Yes, the language was a bit harsh but it was meant to be. Why are you mad at me? You should be outraged at the statements these individuals made about YOU because their language was worse. Yes, these men apologized but they did it because of the economic consequences they faced and not because they loved or valued you. They will gladly take that money you gave them and in the next breath diss their supporters, women who look like us.

Well I knew it was coming. I have been asked to provide a list of Black women who have done the same thing. First of all this is my house so I decide what I post. Secondly, someone show me some famous Black women whose main supporters/fans are Black men and that have dissed Black men. I am waiting. Wait? There are none. That is exactly what I thought. When confronted with the truth instead of dealing with the situation they turn to the old patterns i.e.  blame the victim, defend the abuser, diversion and /or create false equivalency even if none exist.

I refuse to take the bait or look at the shiny keys. Momma didn’t raise a fool. Seriously the facts are these men said it and they should be held accountable. Every other group that has being disrespected by someone within or outside their group has stood up for themselves and made their complaints known. Why are Black women any different?

Here is a list of people who said dumb things and were held accountable.

Kanye West and Taylor Swift- Kanye West is still a ‘jackass’: President Obama 

Ozzie  Guillen, Coach of the Florida Marlins- Ozzie Guillen Suspended for Pro-Castro Comments

John Mayer, singer- John Mayer’s Apology Caught on Tape | Video - ABC News

Chris Mathews, Talk show host - Chris Matthews Apologizes to Hillary Clinton - YouTube

Senate Leader Harry Reid - Reid apologizes for racial remarks about Obama during campaign - CNN

Chris Myers, Sports Reporter - FOX Sports Chris Myers Apologizes for Insensitive KatrinaRemarks …

Katt Williams, Comdeian, Katt Williams explains apology for Mexico remarks - CNN

50 Cent , Rapper - 50 Cent Apologizes for Japan Tsunami Tweets

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