Yes I ride the bus in the Mid-south. And yes I have heard the expression that four wheels are better than two heels. But these two heels doesn’t want, need, or to have a car note.

Part I

I just witnessed something crazy. A mother and her I guess nine or ten year old son got on the bus. Minutes later she instructs the little guy to get off the bus at a certain stop and she gets off the bus. After passing the boy’s stop a man noticed that he was still on the bus. The bus driver stopped the bus and called her supervisor. The bus driver turns the bus around and proceeds to drop off the boy about a block away from his school. The boy got off the bus and appeared to look lost. The bus driver then instructs the boy to get back on the bus. She drops the boy off at the school and walked him inside of the school. After a few R-rated grunts and groans about being late to work, calling the police or CPS and beating the mother’s ass from the passengers everyone acknowledged that the driver did the right thing. The driver spoke to the child and he told her that he had never rode the bus.I commend the driver for going above and beyond her obligated duties as a driver. Thank you Ms. Bus Driver. They do a kick ass job with the little or crappy resources they dealt with.

As a peace loving tree hugger I usually don’t advocate violence but in this case I definitely agree that, that woman needs her ass kicked for leaving that baby like that.

Part II

I was sitting across from a guy who was playing a YouTube video on the bus out loud. The guy had the nerve to play it over and over again and while pretending to talk to someone. I personally know that you can’t compromise or reason with the stupid, ignorant, and or attention starved so I decided to look at him and put on my headphones. He got the point, turned it off, and scurried back to his corner. Smh