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The wait is over! Welcome to the Bougie Black Girl Forum.

Open BBG Forum

The wait is over! Welcome to the Bougie Black Girl Forum. We are the world’s first and only closed user generated forum exclusively for Black women.

The goal of the forum is to provide a safe space where we focus solely on Black women. We promise to protect you from the harassment other social media companies won’t. That means the normal behaviors against Black women allowed on other social media sites won’t happen here. Sisters will be able to discuss everything without retaliation.

Your forum will be $9.99 per year. Your $9.99 will cover the costs the maintenance and weed out those who are not serious and the trolls.

What do you get from your forum? Exclusive content, benefits and opportunities very few forums promise to offer. We provide safe spaces, a sisterhood of like-minded Black women who will support each other and online training and webinars that will help meet your goals. Some of the content includes money management, how to write a kick-ass resume, safety & leadership training and lessons specifically tailored for Black women. Those are just a few.

If you are ready to change your life and the lives of millions of Black women and girls all around the world, join this forum. No, join OUR forum. Invite other sisters too. Are you ready to have a safe space owned and operated by Black women, for Black women? If you are, welcome home, come on in and start the conversation.




  1. jazzy red 29 November, 2015 at 01:24 Reply

    I wanted to comment on the light skin paper bag…I’m high yellow but black to the bone I’m 58 years so you know I’m old school and I’m cool! Now I own 3 businesses.. A book published… A welder of 38 years no I don’t have good hair.. And to hear me speak I have a deep voice but that works for my TV show… They say I’m to strong! See I have had problems be cause I’m very voicefull when needed if someone was did wrong on my job I would speak up see I’m a welder of 38 years. I can weld behind my back with a mirror I had to be good or they would get rid of me. In the 70s I would fight for my people! Picket fight the KKK but not all of them were bad some weld with me and helped me! I was on a job in the 70s and I seen the white boss send this tall dark skin lady in the hole (bottom of the ship) every day but would keep me outside on the 4th day I said no I’m going in the hole with her my boss said no you work outside I saih hell no you put her in the bottom of the ship every day so today I go with her or you putbher outside too! We both went in the hole Ha! Ha! Ha! Once in the 80s I was picketing a 7- 11 store they fired a black lady after she trained a white lady.. I took of my job to help her I wore my cowboy hat and on Sundays I had on my dress and heels they said its a white Woman hot there in front of the store well it worked they gave her her job back to get me from in front of their store she I allmost shut them down!! A white man tried to fight me and another white man beat him! We were at the job! And no men didn’t buy me a car I bought what I own! I had to because no man could tell me nothing some did buy my buddy house’s because she was light skin good hair and a nice shape light skin bad hair and a deep voice and would not take any foolishness from a man! so I HAD TO WORK!! I never thought I was pretty or better than anyone.. I was just cool! I all ways tried to be the best I could I was a Modle but I was not tall enough ..I danced but got pregnant and went to welding school. I love you young sisters so I wrote a book To help you all it for men too..I give free TV ads for business people I send sick kids to hospital’s feed people help pay their bill now I air in Alabama sat night but I pay a guy to put my show on Utube ..the jazzy red show…
    Jazzy red Peace out!

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